Tender Tracks Wed. Day 12

Dec. 7, 2016
Waxing Half Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Oliver was absent today and missed and Susie was back with a great big bright smile and ready for the day. And a wonder filled and fun day it was. It was very cold as well!!!!!!
Mittens and gloves made it on very soon as well as our hats which all stayed on almost the entire day, even Vita!!!

When we got to the Lakes we immediately went to see if our bird feeder gifts were there. There was no sign of them.  I am thinking that the Rangers took them down so, from now on they are going to go home to backyards where the children can really watch and see if the birds come to them.  From there we forwent circle yet sat at a table and ate a little snack and then took the long walk to a place they hadn’t been before. If we had done circle we would have never had time to make it there and back again.

We took our off trail path and had to walk up the big side of the hill and cross a little creek.  Helping each other made it all possible.  We found a great big mushroom on the way that looked like it had teeth marks on it. We tried to figure out what animal with teeth/mouth that size would do that. We then went through Wood Pecker Heaven. Puma remembered this place so we looked and listened a lot for the birds. And, WE HEARD THEM!!! but they were a bit elusive to our eyes.  We walked and walked until we came upon the Fairy Pond that lives inside a tree hole. It had baby mosquitos growing in there. Susie and Puma thought they were very cute. We then found our place for the day.

An old and tall tree had fallen into the water and we were able to climb on many parts of it.  Jasper, when Vita couldn’t climb up the tree,  went right in front and scampered all the way up. He usually follows Vita’s lead but not this time. She learned from him how to climb up this fun natural jungle gym.   Puma and Ruthie spent a long time gathering and playing with the rocks that were all around us.   Linda, Susie and Avaline were building a large and grand Fairy house against a tree and Vita, Jasper and I were building a rock Fairy house that had a really great door. Avaline came over to look at ours and then we showed her how we made some trees. She asked if I would make her one so I did. They were made from Doug Fir Cones and sticks pushed in them and then put in the ground.

We had a beautiful and cold lunch yet we all stayed there eating as the sky turned darker and the cold north wind blew in stronger. But then, it was time to do our Cold Dances!!!!!  Puma had a baton with him and I used it almost like a Simon says game. They would do every thing I conducted with the baton. They all got into this and we wound up laughing and laughing and laughing.  It was getting so cold though that we decided to walk them back. On our way though we had so much fun. Linda magically turned into a Bear and the children laughed and laughed some more.  Puma, Susie and I ran ahead and would hide. The other children would rush behind the trees with us and then…..THE BEAR CAME and they laughed and laughed again.  Linda said that Avaline said she laughed so hard her side hurt!!   We actually got back early. It began to sprinkle.  Vita had to poop and then Avaline had to poop and then I told a story about How some Trees are Ever green. The story had a contest in it. Puma really wanted to have a contest but no one wanted to play so, Susie was willing to say ready set go and he and I ran and ran. He let me win. 🙂
Ruthie was very funny and quite talkative a lot of the day and she and Puma really enjoyed themselves. Actually all the children enjoyed welcoming Ruthie in this morning. She always come in with her face covered and today they all got into, while we were driving, trying to coax her out. At least I think that was what they were doing. When we stopped they went over to hug and tickle her and she smiled and smiled!  Susie, Avaline, Jasper and Vita all were in great and happy spirits as well as Puma and Ruthie. The cold did not bring out complaints at all.  They just were having fun no matter what and creating treasures with everything they saw and found!

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