Tender Tracks Wed. Day 12

Dec. 6, 2017
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Uma, Cole and Holden absent.

Everyone else was here and in very, very fine spirits.  Eamon came back after Holiday vacation and his trip to Mexico.  We were very happy to see him and he showed all the signs of being happy to be here.  Yeah!!  Today we felt the need to do things a bit differently.  The morning had a slower start so, in order to take them on the adventure we wished to, we needed more time than we usually have so, we got out of the bus, gave them a little snack and then off we went to find our stories and songs that seemed to have run away to sunnier places at Lake Lagunitas.  We needed to find them!!! 🙂

So, backpacks on and up the trail we went to walk through Woodpecker Heaven, around two bends and to the Big Laying down Tree in the Lake.  There is so much beauty to share about this day that I know that I can not do it justice. However, I wanted to share with you those words to let you know that the day was FILLED with glories and much beauty.

Here are a few things about each of them and a bit of what we did. Ruby and I were bursting with joy, peace and loving delight at the end of the day as we reviewed it.

Luna: Happy, dreamy, singing all day long, being a “good” witch. Everyone is her best friend and if they don’t want to be she will invite someone else TO be.  She has such a bright and light heart. She floated throughout the day playing and exploring sticks that turned into magick wands and broom sticks and laughing with and about most anything.

Ellie Muenzen/Acorn: Ellie is like watching a flower that has been mostly closed up with caution yet now opened up so all can see her radiant glory.   On this day she was filled with so much light and talking, talking, talking singing, singing, singing and, at the end of the day she and Ellie were holding hands and running down the hill back to the bus.  She is so communicative and clear about her likes, dislikes wants and what she doesn’t want.  And, her smile is radiant!

Ellie Erickson/Turtle:  She was continually happy today and then when she was not she was not. 🙂
She so wanted to climb up and down this very large fallen tree. At times she would get, what she thought, was stuck and cry thinking she could not get down without it being done for her but, what did she discover??? With, support, she did it all on her own and she was climbing up and down and so many different ways. Ruby taught her at least two different ways to get down the big log too. She tried both and was happy, happy, happy!!!

Eamon : I think the best way to describe Eamon is easy. He has such a comfortable way about him. Being around him is simply, fun!
While the girls, during snack or lunch, were talking, talking, talking, he was quietly and with big smiles, eating and delighting in each moment.  He and Violet had a very good time throughout the day exploring different areas of this big tree.  He has such a warm smile that comes with great ease.

Violet: Violet just wanted to RUNNNNNN all morning. No one was fast enough for her. She was go, go, go until, well, until towards the end of the day.  Ellie Turtle really, really, really wanted to be her friend all day. Violet was not so open to that and, when asked if she would let her know when she wanted to play with her, she, towards days end said YES!  And they played. Yeah!  And, as mentioned above, she and Eamon played happily today quite a bit.

Ashley:  Ashley was very focused on a “world ball” that she had on, like a key chain, her backpack. It came off a couple of times and she was deeply immersed in trying to figure out how to get it back on.  I finally fixed it so it would stay and she was delighted.  Ruby said she told her that she had “the world on her backpack.” Luna invited her to play Witch. Luna said she loves Halloween and they were “Good Witches”.  Ashley, however, asked if they could be “Bad Witches.”  Luna said yes and then turned me into a frog.  Ashley, however, did NOT like Halloween. When asked what holiday she liked it was Valentine’s day. But this really could not be for Luna.  So one was a bad witch and the other a good witch.  Oh, you just had to be there to hear and see the absolute beauty of it all. They flew around on sticks with glee.

At the end of the day when we got back to the bus we gathered all our stories together.  Many things were found: 787, Unicorns, A kind of dinosaur that I can’t remember it’s name, sparkles, 8743…. yes there were a lot of numbers and magickal things found and then I put the day together into a grand story.

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