Tender Tracks Wed. Day 11

Nov. 30, 2016
Lake Lagunitas
Day after New Moon

Susie was absent today.
Well, the day was supposed to be cloudy yet no rain and, that is not what occurred.
We all met well after being gone for a week. There were smiles and joy coming into the bus and delight to receive their stuffed animals and see friends.
There were three new things in the bus and, after some support  some of them finally found them: A felted Gnome/Santa, a very funny and warming Reindeer, and a Cardinal bird.  This led us, later in the morning, to really looking about to find Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy who had gone on one of their own adventures.

When we got to our spot, the sky was still only gray with no precipitation.  They ran out and went to go see the Fariy house.  It had new additions and the children then added theirs. They went to the magic potion pot there and did a lot of playing hide and go seek.
Then, Oliver said, “It’s time for circle. I’m hungry.”  It took us a bit though due to Avaline getting a little cut and wanting a bandaid on it. The children all huddled around this moment and then, we set up circle and commenced!
There were our old songs as well as a new song for our new month/season.
We tried to light our candle for the story but it just would not so we imagined it so and went into a story about how Robin Got It’s Red Breast.  This was a bit of an introduction to what we were going to do later in the day; make bird feeders for the birds during this cold and rainy time of year.  And during circle it started to rain a bit. We stayed true to circle and then afterwards we decided to make these birds gifts under the over hang at the other side of Lake Lagunitas.  We gathered up and made our way over.

Linda, Puma and Ruthie maybe, found a California Newt and were having a grand time with that. One by one the others came into making their gifts for the birds: cones, with peanut butter on them and they roll them into bird seed.

There was much play, exploring puddles, mud, trees and then Puma and Avaline went to go hang their gifts.  They went across the creek but were having a hard time figuring out how to hang them.  I went over to help with Ruthie and Oliver.  Eventually they all got them hung up in this place and that with the intention to come back next week to see if the birds or other animals enjoyed these offerings.

They spent a great deal of time after this climbing up and down a little hill there. We found a newt climbing up the hill and there was great exploration there, particularly this time with Oliver.  Linda was bouncing Puma and Avaline on the tree branch near where they hung their bird feeders, Ruthie was delighted with how she figured out how to get across the creek to the other side. One time she got stuck though and, after her asking for help, Puma came and very happily got her unstuck and on her way. She really liked this!!!
Vita and Jasper played together all day with such joy.

Puma had been wanting to go under the water fall. I wasn’t keen on them getting extremely wet today so finally at the end of the day I said we could check on it to see how wet we would or would not get.  I went under first and discovered that, it was just fine!  Puma came down and loved it yet discovered that he was getting wet. Vita and Jasper decided to get close but not go under it.

We then found our way back to the bus and had some changing of clothes, settling back in and back to home we went.

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