Tender Tracks Wed. Day 11

November 29, 2017
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Ruby is back and that was just great!!!  However, Holden is on holiday for two weeks, Cole is gone until mid-January due to a broken leg and Eamon is enjoying the warmth of Mexico!
Ashley came back with a broken collarbone yet it is healing quite well and posed no trouble for her day.

The weather was just glorious!!  It started out cold and got warmer and warmer as the day progressed.  We found wonderful sunny spots to bask in and shady spots to get a bit cold again.
They relished in the area we went to, the sunny hilltop with the big water trough.
There they played together in total glee.
There were quite a few pee parties, trips to the porta potty for pooing and more successes as well as attempts to pee outside.

Circle time was a delight.  One of my favorite moments was when Ellie Acorn thought that one of the mats for our friends who were not with us was “going down hill.”  All of a sudden she got up, turned two mats around until they were just right, sat down and all was well again and we carried on. 🙂

We had a beautiful snack that they all gobbled up.  I had this very beautiful and well tended to Blue Corn that I ground up at home and then made gluten free, dairy free and nut free corn bread. The color was very dark and the taste was the best, best ever!  I showed them what the corn looked like and they were invited to guess what it might be. I then told them and when they ate it, they wanted more!

We then had a beautiful story about How Robin Got it’s Red Breast.  Such a wonderful tale.  This story led us into gathering sticks for more fires this winter, later in our day.

After circle they were so happy to just go and “play!”
Luna was having a delightful time being a “witch.”  Violet was very intent upon being a bit of an angry person who killed with a sword. As a matter of fact, she killed me and then I asked “Then what happened” through a great series of many “then what happens”  that led me finally into being in her stomach. What a great place as I got to be inside the belly of VIOLET!!
She was,however, NOT keen on peeing outside and, as I figured, she didn’t want to pee on her pants.  Later she did use the porta potty and greater ease was found:). Uma went through her rituals of being very hot and letting go of her layers.  Violet finally took off her outer pants and found greater comfort from that as well.  Ellie Turtle was a very happy, helpful and playful girl.  She was trying to climb a tree today with Ruby near by. She thought she could not do it. With some verbal support she made it down and then WAS SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS, that she said, “I’m going to do it AGAIN!!!”  and did. Ellie Acorn was filled with smiles, and very funny games. She kept putting her hat over her head and we would play Peek a Boo with her. She loved this!!  She was sitting so quietly next to a small stump and just being in the sun, I asked her something about her enjoying the sun and all the girls came over with me to see what she was doing.  She, Uma, Ashley, and Luna all shared the stump together and played together.

Earlier there was some magick potion made. The girls would give some to Ruby and I and we would either grow very big or very small. The wonderful thing was, when we were small we saw so many wonders on the ground and when we were big we were able to see the world above so easily!!

Back and forth we were shrunk and grown shrunk and grown and we brought the girls into many wonders.

Lunchtime was marvelous as I invited them to be still as the animals that had been listening to us all day. Now we got to listen to their voices.  That did not initially take place so Ruby and I just ate the entire lunch in silence and they joined in with ease and readiness. It was a peaceful and truly fun lunch with communication going on in other ways other than using our vocal chords.

We were going to go on an adventure after lunch to gather some great fire wood yet it was clear that there was just not enough time. This was when a lot of porty pottie time needed to happen. While some were doing that the rest of us stayed and gathered wood.  We broke little sticks off and put them in three bags for different sizes.  When the others came we all worked together gathering and gathering.

In the bus it was great fun to go over our day and remember the glories that came to us.


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