Tender Tracks Wed. Day 10

Nov. 16, 2016
Lake Lagunitas
Waning Moon

Today was much colder then last week with wind and no question that Autumn is here and Winter is on it’s way. They were all in good spirits and off we went to our spot in the sun to begin our day. There they played in the water trough, discovered that the Fairy house was knocked down 🙁 , and the fun of playing in our little spot was still there and ever present. There were peeing places and Oliver quietly went off,to what I thought was pee, and went poop in a very nice little spot. He then leaned over when Linda walked by, stuck out his bottom and said “Wipe me!!” She was on her way to aid someone else so I came in with the “poop kit” and showed him how we dig a hole for poop and it’s best to let us know first so we can do that. 🙂 and oh yes, I did wipe him!!

After circle we didn’t stay too long where we were but packed up because we were looking for Pine cones to make for gifts for the birdies when we get back from holiday and to look for a boy named Jake’s pants from the day before.
They all have such good memories because they reminded us of this often.
They also were very, very curious about Jake, how he will get his pants back, why his pants were there and many questions.

We took a good long walk and for some their little legs questioned the purpose/benfit of this:). It really isn’t that far of a walk in truth. On our journey we got to taste very ripe and delicious Madrone berries but alas, Puma, Ruthie, Vita and Oliver spit them straight out. They did NOT like them. But I say, they are delicious!!! 🙂

Every time they found a log they hopped on it and it became a space ship,an airplane or a boat. When we came to our newly adventured spot there was a little log structure with out a roof that got played on a lot during the day. Many could get in but not be able to get out so it was grand to have help from others who felt more skilled at this. Jasper was a great helper and he showed or instructed some as to which logs to use to climb out. Ruthie attempted but could not and the same with Oliver. Jasper did his very best to show them just how easy this really was.

Avaline found Oak Galls and played with throwing them in the water to see if they would float. Then all the other children came by to see about this as well. We were visited by the Mergansers and the Grebes again and were mesmerized by how they dive and come back up and fly and dive again. All the children yelled out often “Look at the Light Fairies on the water!!” We watched the water be pushed about like in a dance by the Wind children too. There was a tree with “Golden Leaves Tumbling down” like in one of our songs too.

Ruthie got muddy and wet very fast, Puma fell or slipped or something in the water straight away too and we were really glad that we found Jakes pants because that is what he wore for the day.

Vita and Jasper were content with one another all day. Avaline was so happy happy happy until an Oak Gall bumped her on the head and from there she went into missing Mom a lot. She didn’t really get hurt by it. They are soft and gentle mostly. However, I do believe it was startling She sat in my lap and then Linda’s.

After lunch Linda was playing with Puma and Oliver while the rest of them were with me. We were creating a home for the two Doug Fir cone people that we put acorn hats on. We made a living room and a bathroom with a shower and a tub and a door. Susie said only the Mom and Dad could go and cook in the kitchen too. They really enjoyed making this home together and we got a lot of leaves and sticks and such to make our grand house but then, Where is Ruthie? Ruthie had gone way off like she had never done before. Linda thought she was playing Hide and Go Seek so we all left our home and began to play the game “where is Ruthie!!” However it turns out that she went off to go poop. When that was discovered I changed her diaper back at our packs and then we got ready to go. Puma became his favorite thing, an owl with lot’s of hooting which then enticed the others to hoot most of the way back.

Today Ruthie was really talkative and had more to say then we have ever heard and so observant and articulate too!

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