Tender Tracks Tues. Week 8 Day 15

Oct. 30, 2018
Waning Half Moon
Deer Park

Uma was absent.

All the rest were here with a bit of wildness in them, or at least the boys.  Could it be Halloween anticipation that is in the air and all around???
We were going to go to Alpine Lake but I misread the Fire Warning Dates so, we turned around and went to Deer Park, a very much enjoyed place.

When there they all helped carry the many things we had to bring to our circle area and then, they went to find the large Mushroom growing on the tree from last time, the area where a lot of fur was and many other spots they so enjoyed from just the one time we have come to this place.
The girls and boys are becoming more at ease with understanding or rather, learning how to navigate the different styles of play and being respectful one of the other.

Before circle we all played a game JUST like Duck, Duck ,Goose only this was Butterfly, Butterfly, FLY.  They all came into this game and had such fun!  Luna was funny as instead of running around the circle she ran ALL AROUND and far away!  And Ellie, she figured out what you want to do, get in the other child’s seat before they do so, she just changed directions or went right through circle to get there!!!  We had such a delightful time, as you might imagine.:)

At Circle they got new jobs for the next couple of weeks. They, with eyes closed, reach into a bag and picked out their symbol for the job. They were all very content.  Luna was Weather Watcher and gave a fine report, Ellie and Holden were the Snack helpers and they cleaned up grandly.  Josie and Theo were the Guardians of Safety and, I believe Josie helped someone once during the day with Ruby. And Eamon was the Guardian of the Earth, whose Earthbag had children picking up garbage throughout the day and putting it in there. Particularly Josie who found a lot of little glass chunks.

After circle: They were on a big dead log that was a ship. I was searching for tinder bundle material and this log was great. I wound up hitting parts with a stick to break it open and from there they went to town with pleasure doing the same.  From there they wound up finding a Millipede and another wonderful creature and then learning about when to stop what you are doing to allow the beings that live there to continue living in peace and when to keep doing their “work.”  The girls were with Ruby discovering wonderful mud to paint with. From there they went over to the rock paints we had set up and the capes for the children that were not at the Festival. The girls painted themselves like Peacocks and Josie painted her cape.  They then came over to where the boys and I were and showed off their beautiful hands.

Holden and Eamon came over to pick out and to paint their capes and Eamon wondered if he could, at home, paint it with things from home. Then they were done and back to their joy.

After lunch we packed up and made our way down a beautiful trail. They were actually quite loud so we brought them into a silent walk and from there we discovered many wonderful smells and sites.  Up, down and around we went until we wound up needing to cross the dry creek bed, go up a steep little hill, through a thin trail and out to a big trail that many of them recognized. From there we went to the Buckeye tree and up a very steep hill to an old and run down children’s fort.

Ruby and I have not been there in a while and indeed, it was quite run down but, there was on spot that was safe to be on and oh my, they LOVED it there. When we had to leave there was some true disappointments.  None the less, they worked so well navigating how to get up and down this very steep incline, helping each other out.

This day was such a joy as we mixed the group dynamics up quite a bit throughout the day and they flowed with ease. In the bus, the boys have been getting a bit into a loud rut. We changed this up and, no kickback to it.  At lunch, we placed them all in different spots and, unlike usual where they REALLY want to sit next to their best friends, they made no complaint, what so ever.  And having different Job partners, only smiles and ease.  AHHH, it is all coming together and, by the end of the day, their connection to the present was so beautifully, well, PRESENT! 🙂


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