Tender Tracks Tues.Week 32 Day 63

May 21, 2019
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Josie absent.

Well, another cold, threatening rain, and blustering wind at times kind of a day.   It was actually quite an exhilarating day with lot’s of fun.

We began in the bus, as often times happens, with noticing what is different, what has changed.  Please note, you can do this at home in every room and all around.  It is fun.  The children look around and take in as much as possible. Then, they close their eyes, you move something, they open them up and look all around to see what has changed. During this process they use their ears too.  Another way, is to have something already changed when they come into a room. That is what happened this morning.  We played with the two things that were changed and then, the big question, where was it before it got moved??  There are many wonderful reasons this is good to do. Here, for the moment, I will leave that up to your imagination.  Holden passed out the stuffed animals today.

There was a mumble and grumble about going to Lake Lagunitas  “Again!”  some said.   Which of course is quite interesting considering they go to the same house, the same in door school, the same stores all the time with out such a thing.  With some playful inquiry I think they are looking for a sunny spot!  So with that, we set up in our sunny spot above their favorite Redwood home.

When they got out they got their buckets to take to the hill and there were squeals of, ” Let’s see if the scorpion is still there!!”    I don’t think they checked it out though as they got really involved in their house.  Later on, Ruby went to go in and they said “NO, you can’t come in!” “We’re not ready.” And, when they were ready they let her in and gave her “tea and cookies!” ( pretend mind you:) )

As they were getting ready for circle Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy went on an adventure leaving a jeweled path laid out for them.  Off they went looking on the ground for the jewels as well as for these lovely friends.  All found, back to circle and, “Can we take the jewels home???”  Jewels back in a shell and then, they each went into quietness and one by one picked the jewel that they felt most drawn to. They were instructed to keep it well and put their wishes for the day into it. And, if they lost it, there would be no other one to come their way.  So they did this all and, at the end of the day, they ALL had their jewels!!  Luna had remembered loosing a sparkly hair clip she found a couple weeks ago and crying the whole way back home. This time she DID NOT want to loose this so she REALLY kept vigilant attention and guardianship of this little jewel. She beamed at the end of the day as she saw that she really did keep track of it and still had it!

I told a story based on Princess in the Pea but the Princess was unusual in that she was so sensitive because she felt, heard, and knew many things because, as mentioned, she WAS so sensitive.  It was a good thing and she taught the family that took her in and tested her with the pea under the 12 mattresses, how they too can listen to all the beings of the air, land, water and wind and feel these things, with delight and joy.

After circle, jobs, and, oh yes, Luna, with my help, lit the match for the candle, Eamon held the candle for her and Ellie got the top of the candle to put on after it was lit.  They all got their jobs and, as you can see, helped each other out. Luna gets quite scared to light matches or be around spark flying fire so this was a grand edgy and triumphant moment

After circle and such we packed up and went on our adventure.  We explored all the way to our trail across the bridge to a place we have not been in MONTHS!  The weather this year has changed a great deal of adventures that typically take place so now, we got to go back here and explore.  The trail brought us to the biggest Banana Slug any of us might have ever seen. The Dark Eyed Junco’s were alarming when we got to close to them. There were Spotted towhees and Sparrows flitting about and the waters waves were moving swiftly. Ellie, Theo and I were up in the front and found the place for us to set up for the afternoon. Our original place was covered by water.

As soon as they all got here, POOOF, out the boys went to find pirate ships and grand adventures.  Luna and Ellie were delighted to be playing near the trees and, in the end, making fishing poles and such.  Oh yes, earlier they were Monster Babies and Ruby and I were Monster Parents. We ate terrible and nasty things and later just had to eat the boys!!! AHHHHH the chase and fun happened.  In and out of this game and games like it happened through out the rest of our afternoon. Flute playing, cordage making, eating lunch, and avoiding Guardian Oak/Poison Oak.  And then, the walk back was playful and fun.

On the way back Ruby drove so I could tell them the story about how Chipmunk got its strips.  The children have now entered the world of “Tell another story, Tell another story!!!”  So that is what did happen and that is what happens often of late.


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