Tender Tracks Tues. Week 30 Day 59

May 7, 2019
Waxing Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Josies family met us there, Holden was back from Holiday and Ellie was back from her hospital adventure.

Ellie was in the best spirits we have yet to see her in.  She was happy, engaged, warm of heart and content.
She played with Luna and with Josie and the boys with so much fun.  What a true treat and delight to witness this.

When we got to the Lakes Theo instantly went to scamper over the log above the creek and see if their crawdad skeleton collection was still there.  The girls went over to Josie, Hugo and her Mom and discovered that they were creating a Museum of many collections. Luna and Ellie joined in the gathering pursuit while Holden and Eamon joined Theo.  Ruby was in the area they were all in and I was setting up circle.  As I looked over I saw Holden ever so gently, as if in slow motion, fall sweetly, HALF, into the water.  This of course bothered him not. However, the day was actually a bit cold so I took him to the bus to change clothes, since, we hadn’t even had circle yet. Eamon got a bit wet as well so I took him to change his clothes. He was indeed resistant to the clothes change yet, in the end, he showed signs of being happy that he had warmer clothes on, right about at lunch, when it got cold for a bit.

After all that was said and done we gathered for circle, new jobs, new story and familiar songs.  After circle they went back to play. Luna, Ellie and the boys all played together.  The boys had found a string that became a grand prize to be protected.  I however, sneaky as I am, found a way to get it from them and then, the fun and games began.  Great Stealth, observation, quietness, fastness and team work took place as we played our games and “catch and release” of the rope.:)   This all went on for quite some time until, as Ruby and I checked the clock, time to pack up and see if we could find Chipmunks in the location that I have seen them before came.

All the day the boys were filled with energy that was immersed in play and aliveness.  Coming and going they were, always in the back, as they found wonders here and wonders there.  We all finally made it to our destination.   Luna and Ellie instantly went to play “Family” in the special Redwood House.  The boys wound up making face paint from stones with Ruby.  Josie was exploring the creek and such with her Mom and brother.  At some point they all wound up together and climbing the trees and playing.

Lunch came about and then back to play, finding treasures in the water, and Theo trying to push me over while I was sitting.  They all got involved after awhile in a very typical game where the children come towards me and I push them away.  There are many aspects of this game that, believe it or not has to do with, problem solving, testing their strength, working together, strategy and then just plain old laughing fun.

When we were walking back, I heard that Ruby, Ellie, Josie and her Mom all talked and talked and talked all the way back.  I was with the boys and at times Luna until she ran ahead.  The boys discovered the Spittle bugs that are all over so many of the plants right now.  They were extremely involved in finding them, harvesting plants that they can eat and being extremely involved in the natural world. This was wonderful AND, so hard as we really had to get back.

And oh yes, Theo, before we left, got soaked and happy about it.  This was a truly wonderful thing since at the beginning of the year getting wet was NOT!!!! his comfort zone at all so, the fact that he was fine getting wet and able and willing to walk all the way back like that was just plain, beautiful!




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