Tender Tracks Tues. Week 26 Day 51

April 2, 2019
Waning Crescent Moon
Bon Tempe Lake

Josie and Luna absent.

Today was a misty, showery, cloudy, magickal day.  It was fun all around and throughout!
We began with a very fun time in the bus as we got ready to go. Holden passed out the stuffed animals and everyone had one story or the other about wonderful animals they had seen or encountered of late.
We thought Ellie might have some challenges with just being with the boys but she showed no signs of this during the day. 

When we got to our new spot, they jumped out and checked it out. We circled in one little spot off the trail, sang a couple of our morning songs. They then got a nut bar and/or some Aussie bites to eat and, away we went down this wonderful trail.  We were heading out to a place we got to from the other side of Bon Tempe.  They remembered where it was even tough they have never gone to it from this direction.

As we walked we kept finding such beautiful plants, tracks, birds and surprises all along the way.  Spittle bugs, Butter cups, Plantain galore, young Soap root, Lupin, mushrooms and so many, many more plants that are wakening up from their long winter sleep.  We just had a grand time. 

There were different places to go down to the water. Ducks were found in the lake and spots to sit and watch them.   Eamon and Theo kept asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”  And we kept looking to see if this looked like the place they remembered.  Finally they saw the familiar spot!  I said they could run all the way around and over to it if they wished.  Ellie and Theo decided to do so and off they went.  As I came closer they giggled and ran ahead until they got to the great climbing Oak Tree and that is where I found them.

As they sat contentedly together in this tree Ruby, Eamon and Holden found some GREAT tracks as well as a Spittle Bug along their way and were very engrossed. They finally made it over to us, they all hopped in the tree and off the different kinds of play took place.

Throughout our time there the sky got darker and darker, and the sprinkling got lighter and then stronger. We never had full on rain but at times it was cold. 

Theo asked if he could set up lunch. We said yes and Ellie joined in with this fun task . The two of them got it all laid out just the way Ruby and I do. It was beautiful to see that they know how it goes oh so well now. As we all sat down Holden got to choose what kind of breathing we would do today before lunch. He chose Spider breathing. And, we all had fun with that.  They get so very peaceful most of the time with this, taking in breath and letting it go, three times, and then singing our gratitude song for our food.

During Lunch Theo got a bit “crazy” with poop talk, and Eamon chimed in.  It took some redirection yet, after a time, they were able to settle into lunch and actually eat their food.   When lunch was over I found a Gopher mound/tunnel.  They  got very excited about this and began digging to discover. 

Ruby and I, before lunch got engrossed in gathering material in the wet weather for fire making.  We then brought out our Ferro rods to ignite a fire.  The children all gathered around and, after a great deal of effort and team work we made a little fire!!!!  Just enough to test our skill at these little fire starters!!

After lunch we had a very rousing game of chase and wrestling, everyone.  It was a great deal of fun.  And, it settled them down for the walk back.

The Sun was coming out by this time where 30 minutes prior it was really cold and threatening to rain. But, it did not rain. We walked home so peacefully and with joy until we got in the bus.

Ruby drew a wonderful picture of all the things they were thankful for from the day and then told a great story all the way back home.

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