Tender Tracks Tues. week 23 Day 45

March 5, 2019
Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Well, it seemed like a glorious day today!  Learning how to be with the rain that has come over and over and over again has found a settling as well as still great learning.

We were not sure if it would really rain enough to put our canopy up and indeed, it did not.  We made a fire and cooked corn tortillas with beans, cheese and avocado. However, it took quite a while for that to happen.  The children, needing to wait longer than usual for snack got hungry. And, we were very blessed to perchance have had Luna’s Mom bring little apples for everyone. So, with some little apples and some chunks of cheese each, a small snack was had.

We built the fire, cooked the food, ate it, they loved it and were still hungry. Welllllll….. it turned out that by this time it was about 11:30 so, with a little clean up and then set up for lunch it was close to noon so snack and lunch merged together as best friends and all were happy.

However, back to the beginning of the day.  We went back to the creek to check it out and all had fun, then into the bus with their special tracking cards to find their places to sit.  We have been doing boy girl, boy, girl and it really has been working out very nicely.  Today was the second day that one of the children passed out Stuffed animals. Today was Eamon.  We also used our Rattle talking stick to share something that would bring a smile to our faces this day.

You already heard a bit about the fire/cooking and, there was so much more.  They all helped bring out their buckets, wood, cooking gear and their back packs.  We figured out if we were going to join the older nature group or not, they only had two children.  It turned out they had a fire and so did we. We got to see them chop their wood and Theo helped chop ours.  We set up our fire pit and first Eamon tried to light the fire, but he wasn’t able to get the match lit. Then Josie tried and then Luna.  It got lit and we built the fire up. Then off to cooking.

During the day Ellie and Josie were playing a lot of Hide and go Seek with each other and then they worked on sneaking up on us all!!!  Later in the day Luna and the boys had a GREAT!!! time going in and out and in and out and in and out of the culvert .   We all took an adventure towards the water past the parking lot and did not get too far as they all found so many wonders.

Theo had a wonderful growth moment too. He really, really, really wanted Holden to help him find a stick that he had.  Holden got busy, Theo got very frustrated and then, he found a newt that distracted it and then, HE FOUND A STICK that he loved and he wound up with  great pride. This was simply GRAND!

Eamon was sitting on the side of a low wood bar type thing. He fell off onto a grassy area behind it. Holden looked at him and said “FUN!  I want to try it.” He did and loved it and then he and Eamon kept falling off this wooden bar and thinking it was fun until Holden said, “Ouch.” And then they were done. 🙂

Luna and I made a great house collecting things from the ground and Theo wanted to join in.
The children continue to weave in and out of play with each other exploring, finding treasures, sharing their treasures. And then, on the way home, Ruby told a grand story as they all listened enraptured!

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