Tender Tracks Tues. Week 21 Day 41

Feb. 26, 2019
Waning Half Moon
Wendolyn’s Home

Luna, Uma & Josie Absent.  Ruby back.

This day was a day of full on rain, ALL DAY!  And, it was a most precious and beautiful day as well.  Eamon and Holden came to school first.  We had animal track cards on the seats, and we gave them a matching one per seat that they got to figure out which one it belonged to.  We had fun finding it, counting the toes and nails and guessing what animal we thought they belonged to.  Theo came in and we did the same and, Ellie met us at my place.  All very fun.

When we got there we walked in the rain and then under large Palm trees.  We went under them, and no rain, out of them RAIN, under them no rain, out of them RAIN! “Do any other trees do that???” I asked.  We went to see, and, on our way we found so many big puddles!! Oh what fun! As we walked along the property we were near many other little homes. They kept asking, ” Is this your home?”  “Is this your home?”  ” Do you live in a tree? In the field?”  And then, as we got closer I said, ” You will know my back yard when you see something very familar.”  And then they saw a wonderful little fairy place on a large stump. “Is that it?”  “Oh no, look some more”  They looked and looked and then finally, saw, what was right in front of them, A Canopy!!  Theo guessed that that was my place as a canopy is very familiar to them. And so we went into the back yard, under the canopy, onto the bucket seats and there was a camp fire pit all set up. But what for???

From there, we made our fire, fluffed up the tinder bundle, put the sticks on that, and Theo today was the one who lit the match and got it going!  There was smoke that they got to figure out what to do with. They finally decided that turingn your body and or head away from it or move was the best idea!!  And, it was!

Then we made stick bread: bread dough wrapped around a stick that is then put over the fire like a marshmallow.  When the bread dough was cooked they then got butter and honey on it. Holden was not keen on eating it but did like cooking them.  Ellie loved eating them and she also ate some of the “ash cakes” that we made. Eamon too was really up for eating them and Theo a little bit.  After all of that it was getting cold. They went and explored a bit of the back yard and another covering I had there. Then I put out the fire and into the house we went.

This was a bit of an adventure as each one had to wait while the one in front took off all their rain clothes. Then, into the home they went.  All my sand tray figurines were there for their fun, I gave them a tour and instructions about the house and the toys, the sand tray cover got taken off and happily they went to play.

Ellie immediately got four Disney princess figurines and put them in the four corners of the tray and then got the Outhouse and all the toilet seat covers and bathtub and a variety of other things. She then tucked them all into a corner as the boys went for their interests and needed space in the sandtray. At first they were all in the sand box/tray and then I let them know that they could put them all on the floor. And, off they went with freedom to spread out.

Eamon was delighted with all the storm troopers and action figurines there were. Holden loved all the skeletons and he loved burying them all in the sand and eventually, Theo took the entire basket of nature items: moss, wood, lichen, sticks and more and created a whole world with great contentment. The boys had a wonderful and peaceful time playing each with their own interests and still playing together.  There were these many gentle good guys, bad guys, plots and themes and Ruby and my  curiosity about these beings lives.

At lunch time they very easily cleaned everything up, and, as I was sweeping the floor to prepare for eating, Ruby and all the children were playing a very gun game in the carpeted room nearby.  It is a game with three dice. Each dice has a color on each side and many cards with colorful Gnomes.  Each one would take a turn throwing the dice.  What ever three colors came up you would find the Gnomes with those three colors.  They had a great deal of fun playing this game. And then, lunch was asked for.

Prior to lunch though, Ellie helped make Rose hip and elderberry tea for our lunch.  We all sat down and Ellie, Eamon and Theo tried the tea. Eamon LOVED it, Ellie a little and Theo no. Holden did not want to try it at all.  They ate their lunch, I read one of my two favorite stories from when I was their age and then they couldn’t wait to go back to play.

We then had drawing and playing harp and instruments in the other room, a game with a ball, back to their figurines to play with and then a couple of stories in the Library and music room before we got ready to go back outside and find our way to the bus.

The second story told was all about finding the signs of Spring and so, when we got outside we were looking and looking and finding and finding.

This was a very fun as well as informative day. Informative for Ruby and I as the environment is very much not our norm.


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