Tender Tracks Tues. Week 17 Day 33

Jan. 22, 2019
Alpine Lake
Waning Crescent Moon

Josie and Eamon Absent

Today was a glorious sunny winter day. The air was crisp, very cold in the morning turning warm and invigorating by mid morning.  This day was quite peaceful.  Theo and Holden were very, very happy playing together all day. In the morning they made a magic potion. They asked for the silver bucket, which they received. And then, they gathered Plantain as the healer, grasses, mud, dead grasses and more that I do not even know. They stirred and mixed and had such a good time making this concoction.  Uma and Ellie began the day playing and Luna felt left out. Then it was Uma and Ellie, then Ellie and Luna, then Luna, Ellie, and Uma and on went the on going growth of theirs to play with each other and share.  And, there was indeed sharing going on.

For circle we had a continuation of a story about Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy learning about cleaning their house from an Old Wise Woman in the woods who had a broom and taught them how to make one. Today, they were going to find the straight stick from a tree to make one. When they did that they came upon an Old, Old tree who spoke to them in Tree language. It told them of his great story from being a seed, to being protected by the taller trees as it grew, to being there for so many animals, then being big enough to protect the growing little trees to then, having the great winds blow it down to the earth where all the many animals and plants could still use it’s beauty and life. Then, Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy found just the right sticks from this old and kind Grandpa tree. They gave much thanks and gratitude and went off to make their brooms.  And so continues the journey of the children ultimately, making their own brooms. But first the stories, then finding the sticks, then… making the brooms.

After that we went on a grand and big adventure to a new place.  As we walked up the road we saw so many birds and a great Hawk hanging out up in a tree. We put our special eyes on to see and watched and watched and then, moved on.  Up the big hill and over the spill way. But wait, they found a perfect slide as we were on our way to cross the spill way. They slid up and down and up and down with incredible delight. And then , they crossed this ledge over to the little trail, up the roughed hill and onto another bigger trail. The view every where we turned was magnificent. The Cormorants all gathered together on the big tube in the lake and on we went until, our destination was up ahead. Right to a perfect climbing tree we came and the girls instantly went up. The boys came by and wanted to play there and then realized they got to wait their turn. They went off to find something else that would serve well as their ship. But instead an Old Fisherman came by and they were ENTHRALLED! This man was most kind and was happy to share with the boys all sorts of wonders about fishing.  They finally found sticks for fishing poles, I got out some string, they fervently found rocks to put on the ends, I made the stones work to have the rope wrapped around them and then, they had fishing poles. From there they spent the rest of the day, accept for lunch, casting their fishing poles and catching the pond plants.
I enjoyed, however, when the girls left the tree and the boys realized they could play in it!

Then, the girls took off up the big hill. Ruby followed them and they all went WWWAAAYYYY up the hill until they got too tired.  They then came running down with grand stories of their adventures to share.
It was lunch time by then and after lunch Uma wanted a fishing pole too.  She shared hers with Ellie and Uma because we had no more string to make any more.

The rest of the day they just all, peacefully played and enjoyed the gloriousness of the day.

The walk back was just as beautiful as the rest of the day too.

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