Tender Tracks Tues. Week 15 Day 29

Jan. 8, 2019
Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Crescent Moon

The day was sprinkling most of the day with gray covering the sky throughout.  All the children were here with tales of their holidays.  And, we had new things for the children straight away. Up on our chalkboard were four tracks that they guessed what they were as I told them a story.  One or the other guessed what the animal was and all were filled with joy over this fun game/story.  We were all dressed in our rain clothes, ready to go so, off we went.

When we got to our beloved site we set up our  seat buckets as the ground was not only wet but quite muddy. The buckets were helpful.  But, before circle what should happen???  “Wendolyn, Wendolyn, Eamon lost his boot in the mud and he can’t find it!”  Running over to him I did and it was true!  Where was his boot??  He stood there with a very muddy sock and a boot that I could not find. The children thought this was exceptionally funny. I got a stick and poked and poked while Eamon kept trying to guide me to where it was and then, finally, I saw a sliver of his boot, hooked it with a stick and pulled it out.  Ruby took over from there and got Eamon all cleaned up!

At circle it was a double birthday party time.  Eamon was Jan. 7th and Josie on this very day!  But before birthday celebration the children gathered something that they liked to bring to circle.  They then got a special task for a new song we are learning. It is a song we sing to the 7 directions each day: East, South, West, North Above, Below and the Heart that holds it all together.  They each got corn meal to give as a gift after each song to the direction.  We then learned another song about Jackie Frost and then all about the 12 months, four seasons, and 7 days of the week.  And Then….. to story.

We lit the story candle but the rain kept putting it out so we took the light that lives in our hearts all the time and let that burn brightly as the tale was told.  They then received their special gift and then gave out the snack that they both brought to share with everyone.  We then got new jobs and off to play they went.

We packed up and began our adventure at about 11:30.  They loved jumping in the puddles, climbing the big stairs, making their way through Woodpecker heaven and looking for the Mighty Crawdads that we had found on the trail on past adventures.  Sadly, we found none:(

They did, however, find the Fairy Pond in the tree we always pass.  And then, we made camp at the Tree that lays down in the water and lets them climb up it.  Yippeee as they had so much fun playing, on, in and around this great tree.  Climbing up it and down it took care for self and for each other. It was slippery.  Luna crawled down it to get down touching the two different parts saying “hard, soft, hard, soft, hard, soft….” and Josie laughed as she did this and then made sure she came down without falling.  The boys were playing, easily and happily guns but then Uma and Josie said they were shooting at them. The boys, actually, are very peaceful about it all and, another truth, the girls kind of egged them on.  This was mentioned every so gently and then it was time for guns to take a reprieve. Later on Josie and Uma got above them and began shooting so, the recess from guns went both ways.  I then began making them spears and showing them how to fish and have, safe, target practice.  Eamon came running out to Ruby saying “The Ancestors are showing us how to fish with spears!!!” He was happy. The rest of the day we spent making spears for them and they learning how to use them safely in and around each other.

We had an incredible time at lunch as well. At first they were filled with a great deal of cross talk and chaos.  We then brought their attention to the Great and beautiful Egret that alighted upon a tree near us.  We all got very, very still and quiet and watched this beautiful being, for quite some time. We sat so still that then two crows came upon the tree branches near the Egret. But then, the first loud sound and whoosh they all flew away.

On our way home all was fine until right at the end when Ellie fell straight down upon her face!  Ruby tended to her. Eamon, Theo and Holden were with their spears and doing a GRAND job of using them wisely.  I asked them, as great Warriors and Guardians, to go check on Ellie and to stand around her. And, as they did that to make sure everything was safe all around her. They went right to it but it was Eamon who stayed to see how she was really doing.

We all finally made it to the bus with our end of the day rituals and then off we went back home.

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