Tender Tracks Tues. Week 12 Day 23

Dec. 4, 2018
Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Everyone was here today and in fine spirits!  We thought it was to rain at some point during the day but, that, again, never happened, just like last Tuesday. 🙂  It was, however, COLD for the good part of the morning.  I think CA is truly changing and now true winter clothes are needed. And with that, we put the children in hats, gloves and bundles. Some of these CA children are not used to this yet and are adjusting to the restrictions that such layers bring.

We went to our “sunny spot” near the waterfall for circle.  When we first got there we checked the waterfall out and indeed, it changed! as it has been doing daily!!  What a wonderful barometer of life. Even if it is being regulated.

In circle they had a story that will lead them into something they will be doing come Thursday. They drank warm elderberry, rose hip and raw honey tea. Eamon and Uma liked it yet most of the others were not keen.  Then they ate hardy, gluten and dairy free, biscuits in order to fill their bellies with something solid enough to generate warmth and then, off we went.  Ellie, Uma, and Luna stayed around to play with all the figurines I brought for the story this day and then went off.  The boys were filled with their Ninja play. Josie and Uma were very close and that was a challenge for Ellie and Luna. With support and help it evened out by days end, as it typically does. In the meantime, learning to share friends you desire, on all sides, is an ongoing practice.

We all wound up playing in the tree that gets climbed on as well the boys were very busy “working” right near the tree. However, when they heard and saw that the girls, Ruby and I were very busy playing animals in the tree they came over to join.  By 11:30 it seemed good to go on an adventure ( to keep warm mainly), so packed up we got and up the hill we went.

Up the stone stairs, looking out at the waters, going around, and down, looking for the magical snails that once were seen a long time ago and then, “Where are we going to eat!” Uma cried. And others too. The cold day showed itself in the children by way of them being very hungry. We went down near the creek where there was a large opening to eat and explore.  While most of the children did that, I took Theo and Ellie back to the bus to get changed. When we came back we ate and then, off to the waters they went.

We drew them out of the water by playing in the lovely and magical Redwood Grove in that area.  The girls and I became Monster Mom and Children and the boys were in the water.  Then, as you might guess, lot’s of wetness so, Ruby took Eamon, Holden and Ellie to get changed and Theo, Josie, Uma and Luna stayed with me.  They re-found a rope that we found a few weeks ago and LOVED it still.  However, there was a bit of a tussle about whose it was.  A very fun and playful tug of war game came about with me pulling Theo back and forth and back and forth. His need to move and have resistance was met. Then Josie and Uma came in, tugging, tugging, tugging while Luna was “protecting” me from behind as my precious little Monster Baby.  But then, it was clear that a “contest” was needed to discover “Who gets the rope?”  I reminded them of the stories that we have had that taught us about contests and then they really remembered what a contest was.  They were up for it!

So, lining up they did, target stated and the way to win the rope explained but…..they just wanted to run soooo, four times they delightfully ran and ran until, truly, the contest began!  And so, “On your mark, get set, GOOOO.”  Off they went and, Theo won the rope!

With all this play prior upset was brought met with acceptance.

It seemed that Josie wanted to change clothes like the others, even though she truly was not that wet so, she went into the water and GOT wet so, back to the bus we went, changed her while all the others were contentedly changed, warm and ready to go. And, that is what we did! 🙂

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