Tender Tracks Tues. Week 11 Day 21

November 27, 2018
Waning Gibbous Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Luna, Uma and Eamon were absent today.

The day was forecast for Rain most of the day but alas, we only had beautiful drizzles at about 1 pm and full rain as we were driving home.

When we got to the Lakes we set up our area and the children scattered to favored spots. There were only four and Josies mother and brother came to be with us until about 11 or so. YEAH!! that was truly a gift!  As Ruby and I set up the fire circle and area Josie’s Mom stayed with the girls as they played in their favored tree houses and running all over and Theo and Holden had a GRAND time “cutting” down a tree( dead mind you.)

Once the fire was completely laid out and ready the children came to the fire pit. There they learned a new fire song and story and the test to see if the materials were truly dry enough to be a one-match fire commenced.  And, it worked!!!!! the fire began and as it did the children played a game from the story: Ruby was Coyote chasing the Rabbits(the children!) and off they all ran until they all were caught and back to the fire.  We worked to make the fire perfect for our needs of popping popcorn, Ruby put together the pot with the oil, salt, and popcorn, the pot went on over the fire and…we waited, and waited, and waited and…… POP! the first kernel popped and kept going until they POURED out of the pot and into a bigger pot. Then into our bowels and eat it up we did. It was the BEST popcorn in the history of Tender Tracks I do believe!

They all ate and enjoyed and then finally left to PLLLAAAYYYY until lunch time!
There were a great many fun adventures, over the water, crawling on logs, climbing up and down trees and hillsides and then, coming in to eat.

After eating and singing some songs onto a grand adventure we went. We found several Banana Slugs that we had fun being with, Baby Bay nuts to help be born, bridges to throw things off of and then back to the bus to draw our picture of the day.

I believe everyone was pretty tuckered as the ride home was QUIET and still for the most part.

A beautiful, and delightful first day back from Crisis of fires, Holiday and the glories of having fresh air again and waters to quench all’s thirst.


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