Tender Tracks Tues./ Thurs. Sept. 25, 2012

First Quarter Moon
Pichetti Open Space Preserve
Day 7

The day began with all 8 yet two needed to go home, Kaden and Emme.  We sent them love and warmth as they went on their way.
We then got into our circle with a new story. It was a very watered down young child’s version of Demeter and Persephone or Why we have half the year cold and dark and half the year sunny and filled with flowers and fruit.
The story had Pomegranate seeds in it and we had them too for part of our snack. Much to my surprise they all wanted them!  We were also graced with Saudi Arabia dates from Alice’s family as well.   Thank you!!  We learned a new song that is a Unicorn song and a song of Magick.  It will take a while to get it and it has hand movements that are easier to learn then the words.  We played and then got in the bus.  Two less children made it that much quieter and a feeling of stillness was present. Ok, present at times!  6 is a very different number though and has it’s benefits and it’s down sides but for today. And, it was just lovely!
The children just had a good time as we took our time finding just the right stuffed animal and then off we went to this new place, Pichetti.  Paul, Jill and I know it but none of the others.  I had hoped that we would be greated by the Peacock that lives there and indeed, he was there straight away yet with no call that often Tender Trackers are greeted with.  It is just a few days into fall but he had already lost his beautiful feathers and unfortunately, we did not find any of them.   We came upon a lot of chickens that live there and looked at them for awhile and then we made it to the bathrooms.  Paul led the way as he knows the place and he was happy about this.  At the bathroom the English Walnut and Black walnut trees had nothing to offer us this year accept two English walnuts on the ground from last year.  We cracked  them open only to find rubbery walnuts not good for human consumption.
As we walked up the hill towards our destination we found lot’s of poison oak and many lizards that we were not able to catch or keep up with. We then made it to the dried up pond.  But what fun!  This place is magickal.  I spread out the white cloth and they did all sit down and we made sure that most of the food was eaten and later that water was drunk. So, it seems that all of us, parents and staff, working together worked well today with regard to eating and drinking.  Yeah!

There are always great Oak Galls there that will be used later on for something but for today, they are WONDERFUL balls for baseball.  We found old sticks and I pitched the balls to them.  One by one they each tried and ALL had such a good time.  Then we found a board that was great for see saw.  I rode with Aoife, and then later Gisselle and Jill rode and there were I think a couple more.   We then went to go check on an existing structure/house that was put together by someone and this became our house.

Most of us were part of a Bear family with cousins, sisters, brothers, Mom and Dad but Giselle just wanted to be a person and so, she was.  We all kept dragging logs over to fill in the roof and get ready for the rain which Miu insisted was here and upon us.  We took some water breaks and then, finally, before days end, went inside this lovely creation and enjoyed it.  But where was Jill?  The children pointed out that she was across the pond at our food.  Mmmm, I wonder why?  Well, it turns out that she came upon a Yellow Jackets hole.  She was so curious that she went just a bit too close and it turned out that the Yellow Jackets thought it was too close  too because one of them stung her! So, she was taking care of that. As we were coming back she was telling us not to go in the center because that is where she found the nest.  We walked in  a big circle around the pond in order to get to our belongings.  I don’t know how no one didn’t get stung earlier though because we were all over there and, I AM REALLY GLAD NO ONE ELSE DID!

We found our way back to the bus but not without a playful journey back on the trail only to find the Peacock one more time before we left.

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