Tender Tracks Tues. Day 9

Oct. 11, 2016
Waxing Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

What a beautiful day we all had today! Each day now it is clear that the group is settling in with Tender Tracks, each other, our Rhythm and Life all around us. It was such a beauty filled day.
Before circle began we played a lot on the bouncy tree. Michelle was making a very fancy Fairy home with Archer and I believe a few others near him.
I was on the bouncy tree while the others were trying to bounce it and Isabella and Kai were in Hog Heaven playing together at “their house.”

After a time we called in circle and there we received fresh pomegranates and then heard a story about how Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy learned to dye some of their clothes with stones, burnt Redwood, flowers and pomegranate skins, among other things. You see, Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy came upon Gnomes, Flower Fairies, Fire Fairies and Water Fairies who showed them how to make color and paint from all these things and also how to follow tracks on the ground. ( Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy left their tracks all about though sometimes their tracks were very hard to see because the ground was too hard or dry!)

After circle they all went happily back to playing. All SOOOOO content!!! Then, then, thennnnnnnnn, Captian Hook AKA Kuba and Mr. Smee AKA Jesse began to chase me alllllll about. I fled to the great pirate ship AKA bouncy tree. I was safe for awhile but not for long. I followed Archers trail that he made in the ground with a big long log but still….. Skylar came to my rescue several times and the chase continued. But alas, I was worn out so I took refuge in the Fairy home of Ruby and Michelle. And, don’t you know that NOBODY can break the bonds of the Fairy home!!!! So there I rested until, Skylar freed me again and off we went but, resting just HAD to take place and, oh yes, Jake thought he needed to poop so, game stopped and bathroom break commenced. Then, packing up and off to yet another adventure.

Michelle was up ahead with Jake, Archer and Jesse. The rest of us were behind. They, on their own, gave our Coyote call to keep in touch. We all called back with the words that we know to say ” We hear you” and then we listened to hear where they were . This went on until we found each other and then made our way to the Cathedral Tree. Packs laid down, climbing commenced as well as Michelle’s famous bouncy tree fun.

Lunch came and such unity and beauty in the circle but oh dear, where once it felt warm now it was getting colder and colder. We finished eating, packed up and off to play.

Kuba, Kai and Isabella helped scrap the black from the trees for awhile while others were playing in small groups, climbing the trees, climbing in the Cathedral area. After awhile Michelle went with Jesse, Jake, Skylar and Eddie on a great adventure. I was told that they found fresh horse poop and a brand new adventure that they loved. While they were doing that we were still scraping and Archer made a pile of small pieces of wood that were great kindling. I was excited and thought I could test out my Fire Steel/magnesium rod with what Archer gathered. It never really works with anything for me but Redwood fluff but try, try, and try I do. I got to show the children how to make it safe, that we weren’t going to make a fire but to get the water bottle for safety and a few more relevant things. We were in a little circle and the wind was picking up. They got me the Redwood fluff that Jake found for me earlier in the day and then Archer got some dried leaves. We worked it worked it until A FLAME!!! then we put it out but learned that we could do it!!! We were practicing because we are getting ready to make fire next week because WE, like Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy, are going to make colors from plants so we can dye things too!!!

When the other group got back Jake needed to really poop this time so off to the woods he and I went while the others played some more. And oh yes, Archer thought it would be fun to hide my back pack so I stalked up on him to get it back while Jake helped me. The rest were in a circle doing well, I am not sure. A Fairy house?? It got to be time to go and Michelle and I wondered why most of them ran away. It turns out three horses with riders were coming. They loved seeing the horse person last time we were here and someone had said in the morning that they really wanted to see that again! And lo and behold, that is just what happened!!!!!!

Back to the bus we went and then off to home we drove.

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