Tender Tracks Tues. Day 67

June 5, 2018
Waning Half Moon
Peri Park/Car Wash

Austen was absent today.

This was our last regular day at Tender Tracks before our goodbye party. Well, actually, it wasn’t really regular at all!  We stayed at Peri Park most of the day except when we went to go wash the bus at the local car wash.

The day was filled with:
Finding a magical doorway in the creek
figuring out how to climb over, through and around the waters, the doorway, the hills and RUNNN       from their beloved MONSTER!
Playing games with balls in buckets, in a circle with each other, standing, sitting and MANY
variations of this game.
Playing blindfolding them and taking them on a walk to find a tree, bringing them back, unblind
folding them and seeing if they could find the tree they touched.
Devin playing extremely wonder filled imagination games with Ruby who became SOOO many
different things!
Meeting a woman that was tending to the plants all around the creek and Redwood Trees so that
all children that come there and play more easily.
Water Mellon spitting contest.
Rabbit Racing games.
Banana Slug race between Ruby and I.
But first, or rather after a great deal of playing in the creek, we went to circle. They heard the second story that they said they wanted to hear from last week, Shishegwa, the First Rattlesnake.
After circle they played a bit and then, the Watermelon spitting contest was set up and began. OHHH how they loved this, particularly Puma and Devin. They also were rather equally skilled at this,  After the initial taking turns, and marking with chalk on the stage where each one’s watermelon seed landed Puma, Devin, Ruby and I played longer, all together, to see how far we could send many of them.

We played around there a bit longer and then, we went to wash the bus. Well, that was just simply grand fun and, they did a fine job of washing, cleaning and drying the bus.  It sparkled!!!  We inspected it when done and deemed a job well done. We then went back to the park, ate lunch and played all the games above and so much more.  It was simply a great, full and very fun day.  Every moment was filled with fun as we played our many games together.


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