Tender Tracks Tues. Day 67 Last Regular Day

June 6, 2017
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Well, this was our last day together in our regular way. The children came with great excitement and exuberance.  Archer and Isabella brought presents for everyone. Archer brought little stones to give out and Isabella brought stickers. They were both thrilled to give these gifts out to one another.

We had our circle at the Witches Brew spot atop the hill.  There they checked out the Fairy house, the brew pot, the places to play family and then they all  came together to celebrate Archer, Edie and Ruby’s summer time birthdays before the year ended. I had fun working at putting one story together as three and I do believe it worked.  I always find it so delightful when one of them hears a part of the story that is just like their life and shout out something like “that happened to me!!”  In this case Archer was in joy when he heard that the Star child was born and went to go visit his family in Korea.  He exclaimed ” I have family in Korea and we have gone twice!!!!!!”  The beauty and magick of the young child at it’s best!   After the story and being sung to they received their gifts and were happy for that and then, off to our last adventure before our big Thursday party we went.

I had gone over the “Song line”/ landmarks in the bus before we drove up there and they remembered them and which way to go.  It was fun as along the path and throughout the day they were remembering the many different things we did at this place and that place along the path.

We remembered where the snakes were, the rattle snake the small snake and the snake Archer brought and we released.  They remembered where they played in the huge stream that was created from all the rains and how they painted Michelles face with mud there.  Kuba and the rest of the group remembered where he fell and hurt his lip.  He was making sure no one ran there so that they wouldn’t get hurt. They went into some of the trees that they played house in too.  When we got to the Lake area they remembered how they turned into mud babies.  Jake, Archer, Isabella, Edie and Ruby immediately took off their clothes down to their underwear and jumped in the water and made mud for themselves, again.  Jesse and Kuba ran straight to building as they have done so many times before.

The rest of the day was filled with discovering the many sounds that came with different rocks thrown in the water, finding little shells and small bugs.  Watching the Dragon flies and having a large fly visit us at lunch. And, hearing some more stories read to them at lunch time that they love.

Kuba and Jesse found some Crab pinchers and loved those. Ruby wanted one and grabbed it from Jesse. It actually hurt his hand yet Ruby cried and cried for not being able to have the crab claw, or rather as she said “Jesse was being mean.” 🙁

We finally packed up after that and made our way back to the bus.  This is when Archer gave them all his rocks that he had collected from a beach. He was very proud to hand these out.  We buckled up and back to Peri park we went.  And oh yes, today all but Kuba and Jesse decided to see what it was like to sit in different seats.

A beautiful, warm/hot sunny day to reminisce, enjoy and celebrate one another and this glorious place that has brought us into many, many wondrous adventures.

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