Tender Tracks Tues. Day 65

May 28, 2018
Full Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Our last days are being counted and we are visiting our old haunts with many memories coming into our conversations.
Today we celebrated Avalines 5th birthday. She will be 5 in August yet, everyone else has been celebrated and we wanted to celebrate her too, of course. She was HAPPY about it all and we had fun hearing her story, watching her pick out her stones, and receiving her yummy birthday snack for us all!!!

The day was very warm today, what a difference from last week!  We stayed in the shade most of the day. We did, however, have our circle on top of our Magick Potion Pot hill. When we got out of the bus they made a beeline to that and then, to the Fairy house!! Well, the fairy house wasn’t there but Avaline made sure to put flowers there.

As I said, our circle was sweet and we sang the songs of their choosing.  They had so much fun swinging on the bars there and being more capable and competent than ever.  Devin and Austen had a BLAST continuing to build their recycling center too!!  After circle and this kind of play, we made our way to an adventure to find a cool/ not so warm, spot and a place for lunch. However, we did not get very far for we ran into the lovely man with the photo cards. He didn’t seem to remember us but the children remembered him. And, he gave the children MORE cards!!  They had a good deal of fun with him and we kept seeing him along the trail. He was so very happy that the children were out there doing what we do, Being in Nature!

When we got to the top of the stone stairs we looked out to see if the Momma duck and her ducklings were there perchance. They were not but a Mallard duck couple was. But oh, how could I forget, before we even got up there we all sat sweetly down below at the creek near the waterfall looking at the very large Bull Frog tadpoles. And some of them we could see their legs growing!!!!!!

Now, back at the top, they were remembering the frogs, the turtles and the crawdads we had seen down there at the beginning of the year when there was no water.
As we walked along the trail they figured out how to get to our spot. Vita knew exactly where to go and she led the way. Devin was in hog heaven running and being excited. Austen followed along. Puma ran ahead and Avaline was with me, tired and hot.  We all finally made it. They took off their shoes and went right into the water looking for, can you guess?  NEWTS!!  It was well-passed lunch time though so, after some initial explorations we sat to eat.

Lunchtime was filled with all the children telling their “favorite” jokes. A lot of them were knock-knock jokes and some of them only us adults would find funny. Not because they made a lot of sense but because the children, particularly Devin, cracked up at their own jokes. :)!!!

We finally finished eating and enjoying this sharing and back to water, newts, Redwood Forest and, finding a new friend.

I took Avaline to go poop. When she was finished down the creek came a Grandpa with his 5-year-old Granddaughter. We had actually met them earlier in the year at Alpine lake when it was basically empty.  While Avaline and I were talking with them a little Chipmunk came by and entertained us beautifully. Vita came by and enjoyed this as well.  Avaline, Vita, and the little girl went under the bridge and the Grandpa, well, he became a bit Bear crossing the bridge and making big sounds!!! AHHHRRRRR!! 🙂

The children played with them for awhile back at the creek until it was close to time for us to go.  We then packed up and had such a fine time walking back, saying our thank you’s and singing our song with their stuffed animals leading the way. Most of them were very thankful for wading deep in the water, and we were all happy for seeing the ducks, the birds and being outside.

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