Tender Tracks Tues. Day 59

May 9, 2017
Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Crescent Moon

Michelle was absent today and Archer’s Mom came with us for a few hours.  That was a treat for everyone.

They all came in so sweet and easeful.  The whole day was just lovely and, WARM!! actually, it became very, very hot!  Yet to begin with it was just gentle.

In the bus they discovered that Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy were up in the bus. One was hanging on the feathers and the other was riding on the Unicorn.  All the way up Jesse and Kuba were convinced that they would not fall yet the others thought for sure they would!  It turned out that Jesse and Kuba were right and that Jake didn’t like being wrong!  Sometimes these types of things are hard to embrace. 🙂

When then went to our Witches Brew spot. The boys went straight to the Fairy house. It was all apart so they began to rebuild and the girls went straight to the Witches Brew and began to play house and potions and such.

I told the boys about 8 children who were a bit older then them, that built a huge fairy village where I was last week. They IMMEDIATELY got into making a large village as well. They all worked together to gather lot’s of materials to build.  I think Kuba might grow up to be and Architect!!! He LOVES to build! They were very involved and having a grand time building this big project for the fairies!!!

Circle time came with some new songs and snack in the shape of cats, frogs and squirrels.  We played a game first though to test our skills at working together.  The first part of the game I filled one of our cups half full. We then were asked to pass it around with mindfulness so as not to spill a drop. We did it!  Then the cup was filled up ALL the way!  Archer wanted to spill it so he became a very needed watcher. And, THEY DID IT, again!  Then we all took one little sip from the cup to seal our unity and being back together again and continuing with circle time we went.  Circle got quite hot and bright so finishing reading the book I had was a bit challenging it. It was about a Butterfly and a Lamb.  We have been seeing a lot of butterflies over the past month or so hence the story.

After circle they played some more and then we packed up and made our way back to where we were the last day we were together. There the boys had built a structure that they really wanted to see if it was still standing so, off we went.

When we got there IT WAS STANDING!!!!  How excited they all were.  Archer and his Mom rebuilt it however to be taller and stronger. It staid like this for quite awhile until, until, until………………….Kuba came by and DDDDDOOOOOOOWWWWWWNNNNNN it went. “Can we build it again??” Kuba asked. But alas, this day was not the day to do so.

The girls went into the water, Archer followed, Jake followed, Kuba and Jesse staid on the side lines and they all had a fine time.  It was time for lunch and time for Archers Mom to go. We made our circle and had a very beautiful and fun lunch. During lunch I needed to take Archer to go poop up the hill. They all staid in the circle chatting. It was a beautiful site. Archer left his poop area to go back to the group and then Ruby came up to go poop too!

After lunch and before we left I wound up making about 5 fishing poles with stones at the end of the rope that I tied on the sticks they found.. They learned a lot about how to cast off safely/ far enough away from people and in a way you wouldn’t hurt self as well as learning about how  the rocks sometimes come off.  Jessie decided to have  Doug fir cone instead of a rock. It staid on quite well!

Walking back we rigged up their poles so that they were in their packs but, they had to walk very carefully as to not hurt their fishing poles.  They were magnificent doing this!

It was a very, very, very sweet, hot and fun day.

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