Tender Tracks Tues. Day 57

April 24, 2018
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Roy’s Redwood

After such a hot weekend the thought was that it would be really warm to go to the Redwoods of Roy.  But alas, at least in the beginning of the day, it was cold and layers were put on.

When we got there the children instantly jumped into playing in all their favorite spots as well as began to build, build and build. Some of the old log bridges that they had built up or added to were there and so they continued on.  We said that today would be a dry day and they basically were able to make that happen.

They went to the bouncy tree and had grand fun climbing and bouncing on that. Avaline and Vita climbed up the hill and found great mushroom treasures and then Avaline showed me later on the great treasure of, huge Redwood trees with LOT’S of black to be scrapped off. She was delighted with this find and then sharing it!

At circle time Avaline was weather watcher and she predicted the weather quite well: clearing skies and warmer weather where we would take off our coats.  And, that is what happened!  There was a lot of talk, from the very beginning of the day, about Rattle Snakes so, I switched out a story that I was going to do and told How Rattle Snake Came to Be.  They listened intently and learned a bit about why Rattle Snake rattles and how they like to be treated well just like we do. When they get scared they warn us and we get to GO AWAY!!  After story Avaline rang us out of circle, as that is now the Weather Watchers job and from there they played a lot of Snake.

Vita and Avaline then wanted to play MONSTER so I became the Tickle Monster but then Avaline wanted a scary monster.  I became that and we ALL wound up having a playful time with the slow Monster trying to catch them.  We finally went on an adventure to find a new place with landmarks to find and a creek trail to follow. It led them to a spot that we never go to though Avaline said that she remembered this place. Vita kept saying that she comes to this place with her friends. And, we all came to this place on this day and they began to play Mother Snake, Baby snake, and worker snake. The last of course was Devin! 🙂

There was figuring out how to get up on top, down below, across and around this great big laying down and partially burnt out Redwood trunk.  Ruby and I began to make cordage from the Redwood Bark and Austen really liked that and wanted some.  Devin really liked tying me up with the rope. He really ties well!!  Puma was delighted to be climbing up high and playing Big Snake and Owen, though playing, was having a harder day on and off.

Vita and Avaline went off with me to go poop in tandem and Ruby was helping Devin find his brilliance with climbing high on the logs.

Throughout the day we kept hearing drumming so, when it was time to leave, we packed up and followed the sound. There it was, a woman playing a drum, a man playing some metal type instrument and a dog running about.  We found our mystery and made our way back to the bus.


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