Tender Tracks Tues. Day 55

April 17, 2018
Waxing Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Owen was absent today and we had a very wonderful visitor to join us.
The children enjoyed her very much and so did Ruby and I!

When we got on the bus there were a few things changed. This game is being made a bit more challenging each time. Devin got the really hard object that had moved and Austen found the second hardest.  And we all got to use our ears and our eyes to see what had changed and where it had moved to.  Remembering where the object came from is fun too!

We then made our way. When we got to the Lakes Ruby, the children, and our visitor went to our favorite sunny spot while I set up a “ropes course” for the children. As I was doing that I was told that they were climbing their favorite tree and then they all set up a shop. Ruby was carving them knives out of sticks and Puma was a Mt. Lion pet for Avaline.

We finally had circle and there we learned a new song, said goodbye to some other ones, taught our new friend the ones we knew and wished Owen well. We then had snack and, the story.  “What is in that little box Wendolyn?” they all wanted to know. “Well, let’s see.” and out of the small box came a little ( taxidermied) mole!  they all got to feel it and be with it, and oh yes that happened AFTER the tale. Now, the tale was about Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy’s adventures with some Moles  They discovered that Mole babies are taken away from where they sleep and eat, down long dark tunnels to another little cave where Grandmother Mole takes them to go pee and poop.  The story was full of details which then led the children into becoming Moles THEMSELVES!  Yes, after more play after circle they then, if they chose, could come and do what Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy did. You see Grandmother Owl made a special game so that they could feel what it was like to be the little moles with blindfolds and all.

First came Puma. He put his blindfold on, was led to the rope that went all around the trees and followed it, just the way the story shared with them.  All the way he went around feeling his way. Then Avaline, Vita, Austen and lastly Devin. They all wanted to come back and do it again. And, they did. Without the blindfolds and with the blindfolds. We were impressed with their immersion into the game and their joy.  And at lunchtime, some of us became moles again and wore blindfolds to feel what that was like, to hear more, smell more, taste more.  Devin stayed the longest with his blindfold. Puma and Austen played with their blindfolds as well.

After they spent time making a new gorgeous! home for the newts, showing our friend all around to their favorite spots and playing with the ropes course, I made a map on the table so they could find where we were going.  We all went straight ahead and they were able to figure it all out beautifully. Then through Snakey forest, past the parking lot, over the bridge, past the hidey tree and up the trail, around, curve, curve again, up the hill, down the hill and to the open space where the waters spread wide. They found it AND, Vita found neighbors from their old neighborhood that really really like Vita and hugged her many times with joy.  We all then went down to our spot.

They then went instantly to fishing, water exploration and gathering “fish” from the waters.
It was a good time past our usual lunchtime so we brought them back in and ate. After lunch there was a grand focus on making fishing poles and finding the best rocks to put at the bottom of their string/fishing line. But oh dear, those rocks keep coming off!! And “I dont’ like this stick…” some said. In the end, the sticks were great and wonderful fishing took place.  Avaline and Vita had a grand time falling into the water and taking off their shoes.  Puma found a wonderful cricket and shared it with Devin. The two of them were having such a good time with that wonderful being and Austen was involved in it all as well as lounging in delight with Ruby, our new Friend and me.

Our walk back was a delight as Vita insisted on keeping the water in her boots and we all got to hear the swoosh, swoosh, swoosh and the water inside.  There was a swift changing party for Austen, Avaline and Vita, teaching our friend the Good Bye song and then off we went.  Ruby told a great story coming home and, well, WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY!!!

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