Tender Tracks Tues. Day 53

April 10, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Such an absolutely fun day and return back, for me.  All the children were here and happy. It seemed that last Thursday they had a great time. Of course, my heart was warmed by that and, I expected nothing less.  🙂

Today the sky world was a place of increasing gray yet never a drop upon our heads until we were leaving.  It was vacation camp for some so Vilda had a lot of children there yet, we all had ample space to be apart of our individual programs as well as enjoying the glory of this place.

We set our circle up in the top clearing. The children instantly went to explore and I, went off on my mission: lay a trail of popcorn that led them to a container of Popcorn for snack with Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy on top. Those two are just so much fun!!!  Last week we made a trail of popcorn kernels and this week…. well, those two must have gathered all those kernels, made popcorn and then brought us on a wild adventure. :)!

When we went to find the trail we all stalked so very, very quietly behind trees and bushes so that the other group wouldn’t see us. We were practicing our fox walking and stealth.   We did the same on the way back.  Then in our circle we heard a story about where stories came to be and found out that Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy are so old that they are the keepers of all the stories!  That’s why they live inside the story box!
On this day there also was a great deal of talk about movies and tv so, we did a fair amount of Aikido moves with that. During story, Kung Fu Panda was brought in.  In an effort to bring this back into the body and into the present the story expanded upon how Kung Fu Panda, once upon a time, tripped and fell all over things until his teacher taught him how to listen and move from his heart. He learned how to take the air and the fire within and turn it into his own stillness so that he could, how did Austen tell me, Get rid of the bad guys, Or something like that. And what I shared was, something like what I just wrote.:)  Have you ever noticed that all these kids shows always seem to be about Good Guys and Bad Guys.  Ah, to have a conversation about all of that someday but, not here.

Our day went on and with each breath, more immersion into the world they were in right then and there came to be.  After circle they all folded their mats as this day everyone did all the jobs together.  After getting prepared for our adventure, we began our journey. But where too???  In the bus we heard that Ruby still wanted to find Otters so each one of us closed our eyes and envisioned where we pictured the Otters might be. Then we sent out a request, let that go and went on our way. Ruby chose a direction that led us to go around the Lake and to our old friendly spot near a creek and the Redwoods.  We had a grand time making our way there as we gathered fresh green Doug Fir tips, checked out the top of the spillway, and found LOT’S of spring edible plants.  WOW, so much!!!

When we made it there straight to the water they went.  From there we had lunch, and loads of water play time.  There were a grandfather and his granddaughter. They showed the children a place where there were a lot of Ca. Newts. Can you imagine what happened?  YES! lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of fun and play with these most loved friends.  I took Devin and Avaline to go poop and in tandem, they just did what they needed to do like drinking a glass of water, I buried everything and off they went back to those newts.

Due to the children getting quite wet, we did need to leave a bit earlier to go back for a changing party and, that is what we did. They all got changed with ease and then, for the first time in a few months we were able to draw our “story of the day” up on the bus as we remembered the many wonders that we saw and experienced and then, on the way home I told them a tale of Why we have tides and How Grandmother moon brings the waters in and out as she pulls her blanket over her head and off of her head each and every month.

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