Tender Tracks Tues. Day 51

April 3, 2018
Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Alpine

All the children were here today and the Sun was shining with clear skys and little wind, as our Weather Watcher, Vita observed.
When the children came in there was a “wobble in the energy field” you could say, so we brought them into some fun focusing to what had changed in the bus. I typically will move things around a lot for them to discover what has changed and what is the same. On this day we did this and then led them into an Easter storytelling share with our wonderful Talking stick. We continued while we drove .

When we got to Alpine Lake  Owen and Avaline, who were absent last Thursday, got to see how full the lake was. When they got out of the bus all of them discovered three Fishermen.
One man caught a Wide Mouthed Bass, so Puma exclaimed, as he ran up to the top of the rock where some of us were watching from on high.  Then we ran down and we got to see him release it into the water again. There were some questions about that “Why does he catch it and then let it go?”  Later in the day, we found some hooks and we got to share more about hooks for catch and release, abd the different types of hooks. We found ones that were very painful if caught and tried to be pulled out, for fish and human.  Which is why we put away those very painful hooks, though Owen thought we could use it for our homemade fishing poles!!

The children climbed up and down the big rock and found a “slippey sliddey” place on it which some of them slipped right into Circle Time.
There we had a fine snack, a new funny song and, what I am not sure I mentioned from last week, we took our Rabbit verse and turned it into a game. So today, two by two the children got to act out:
A little Brown rabbit popped out of its hole. Riggled it’s whiskers and looked all around.
Another wee rabbit who lived in the grass, popped it’s head out and watched the other pass.
Then both the wee rabbits went hippety hop, hippety hop, hippety hop until they came to a wall and STOP!
Then both the wee rabbits turned right around and scampered off home to their hole in the ground.

One would pop out of the hole/Ruby’s arms while the other popped out of my Grass. Then they both hopped to Ruby/the wall, then turned right around and hopped right into my hole!! And then on to the next pair.  They are really liking this!!  We also sang a new song about silly Squirrels singing and moving their bodies that we did.  Then, we had a very funny story about the WIDE MOUTHED FROG, which they imitated throughout the day.

From there we packed up to go on our adventure back to the “beach without sand” that Devin has wanted to go to.  But what was this, Popcorn being thrown on the ground??? Yes, we laid a trail for us to find our way back.  Puma, Vita, and Avaline remembered when we did this last year with white beans.  They all loved taking turns throwing the popcorn.

We took a different trail this time to get there because of all the water going down the spillway but Avaline, Puma and Ruby went to check it out and see if they could cross it. Vita was sure there was no water coming down the spillway to interfere with their crossing.  The rest of us went up the big, big, big, hill. When we got to the top we could see the others.  Puma and Ruby were able to slide down the concrete but Avaline was scared.  The rest of us came down a trail to show them which way to get up once that got to our side.  Ruby finally figured out an easier way for Avaline to come across and the three of them did. Then, they pulled themselves up a rope, got to the teeny trail and we all scampered up the hill to find our fun spot.  Down the trail, around a bend then another one and then straight on to the site. They recognized it immediately and set up camp.  “Do you have any string?” they asked me.  “We want to make a fishing pole.” So that is what we did and they needed to find the right stick. And, they really needed to be mindful of the young and healthy spring shoots of Guardian/Poison Oak!

On their journeys, they found lots of the hooks I spoke of earlier. So, we gathered those up as they came in and all was safe and sound. When we ate lunch we all sat in a line instead of a circle in front of the lake and there we got to watch an Osprey fish and dive, soar and “go fishing” and dive again. Quite the beautiful adventure that was.

Puma and Avaline were building a fine boat or something of that sort and we all came over to see. They were actually painting with this incredible red rock/clay at the place they played at last time.  Austen created, in the tree there, a game of Fishing for the Birds as he sat in the tree.  Vita and Owen’s fishing lines got caught so it took some time to untangle them and it was fun. There were quite a few slips, a lot from Avaline and then Owen. Owen was the Guardian of Safety and was kept busy, for himself and others, as they fell.

On our way back they followed the Pop Corn trail and picked them up as they could. On the way back in the bus we sang our songs all the way back with each person adding different parts to the songs.

And oh yes, I did not mention that last Thursday, we brought out the Hand Drills for making fire as Austen really wanted to do such a thing. They all took turns working the hand drill and had such a great time!


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