Tender Tracks Tues. Day 47

March 21, 2017
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

The first full day of Spring. The rains poured the night before, creeks were bursting, birds were singing, frogs finding their way and the children exploded into joy with all the water.

But first, on the bus Edie was DELIGHTED to still be passing out the Stuffed animals to her Tender Tracks Friends.  When we got to our spot they went to the water trough, Fairy house and area.    Kuba and Jake set up the circle time space and when it was time we all came in together. We had some new songs with lot’s of hand movements and they all came right into it. Then I brought out some of my Taxi Dermed birds. They petted each and everyone with such respect and delight. Then came out the soft soft mole and a skeleton of a Racoon.  All was greatly respected and enjoyed.  I then told a very short and very funny story about The Wide Mouthed Frog.  This was told because last thursday we found a puddle filled with tadpoles and today we were going to see how they were doing.
All helped to re build the fairy house as well.

Isabella and Ruby were the snack helpers and helped clean up, all played a bit and then off we went to find the tadpoles.  When we got there the pond became HUGE and no tadpoles to be seen! Only rushing water that had turned into a flowing little rivulet that we followed to a “bath” a, little lake, another rivulet that went right into Bon Tempe Lake.

Well, from there the children spent the rest of the morning jumping, playing and exploring the water.  Kuba went straight to work building a damn. Jesse, Jake and Archer helped him on and off.  The girls were in 7th heaven jumping in and out of the water.  Then they all painted Michelle with fine mud. There were great chase games too.  Lunch was approaching and they were wet as can be so back to the bus for a Changing Party.
All the clothes bags were brought outside and they changed there. Michelle and I scurried around getting them clothes and shoes and such. When Jake, Archer and Kuba were finished dressing they were drawing in their books and having a GREAT time together.

We then went to the dry picnic tables and ate a great lunch. Michelle read a very fun Winnie the Poo story and the children wanted more and more.  We then went exploring through the woods and back to our original spot to find more “gold.” What they found was the gold that Sean O’Houlagan had found; golden buttercups and golden flowers.

When it was finally time to get in the bus to go back home the children were happy from another grand day. They really wanted our end of the day picture drawn to see what we had done. We didn’t have time so they shared all that we had seen and done: the animals, birds, water, mud, friends played with, tadpoles not seen and laughter had. Then off we went and they kept sharing their delight and all their thank you’s as we drove away.

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