Tender Tracks Tues. Day 37

Feb. 6, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Austen was absent today.

The children came with quite high energy today. They had two definite lulls while eating lunch and on the way home on the bus when it was VERY quiet. Other than that, WOW they were full of ….?   And with that, the day was sweet and filled with the warm sun as if it was Summer.
I read a beautiful story to introduce the coming of Spring about a little Bunny waking up. As it awoke it yawned and a little new springtime bumble bee popped in its mouth and went back to sleep.  It then could only whisper as it went around asking the many animals how to get the Bumblebee to wake up and get out of him.  He finally figured it out and the ending was just beautiful.
Spring is just about here and showing all the signs of itself.  We also, in circle sang some new songs for our Month of February.

The children were playing together so very beautifully.  We came first to our hilltop sunny spot for circle and exploring our spot.  Puma is so very much excited now about finding Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy and after Vita and Avaline found them they had a lot of fun playing with them, for the first time, after circle. As we sat down to circle the children got to either squeeze lemons and/or oranges with either a squeezer that you press or with one that you have push down on the sharp point. They also got to do something that they love, peel apples with the apple peeler. Then we all got on our mats and had circle and snack.

We packed up and made our way to our other Beach by the Lake. Owen however really wanted to go back to the place we were at last week. But alas, the new place was a bit closer and best for this days time needs.  So, off we went. But right before that, I made a map upon the ground with stones, twigs and such for them to find their way. And, they did!!! The usual hiding and having others find them took place all along the path until we found our spot that we have been to before. Only this time, there was water!!!!  And what do you think they did? YES, they went into the water. However, this time we had them take off their clothes down to their underwear and THEN go in but only to their mid calfs as the lake has rules for us.  The children complied and had such grand fun. And as always, they found mud!  How do they do it??:)))

To be honest, at this moment, what I am remembering more about the day was the incredible warm feeling in my heart due to the cohesion and love for each other in the group. I am remembering what the group was like at the beginning of the year and how far they have come with themselves and with each other.  It was such a touchingly exquisite day of joy, care, exploration, and preschool vibrancy.

And, it is like Owen has always been with us.



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