Tender Tracks Tues. Day 35

Jan. 29, 2019
Lake Lagunitas
Waning Moon

Theo still sick and Eamon back from his Holiday.

The weather was so very wonderful. It was a familiar and classic January day that felt like spring is here and Winter is over.  The waterfall was flowing so well that Josie, Holden, and Eamon had SUCH a good time, towards the end of the day going under it and getting their heads wet. Over and over they did this with absolute joyful abandon, particularly Josie.

At the beginning of our day the usual took place. However, the intense Star Wars, Solider et al games were far quieter and, the intermingling of girls and boys growin greater and smoother. However, there was a challenge between Luna and Eamon. Luna got made at Eamon and she hit him and then Ellie imitated her with throwing some grass at him. He just stood there so very, very sad and didn’t know what to do.  Eamon is very skilled, easy and kind when he does something that he shouldn’t like this and always goes over to make it better.  He wasn’t getting that from Luna and was shocked.  I gently brought Luna over to Eamon as his heart was so sad.  It was clear that there was something for all the children with finding some gentler kinder ways to be with one another. So, a circle was created and a talking stick brought out.  They loved this as, after I said my story like guidance for them and instruction, they were able to share something from their heart for this circle. Luna took the stick straight away and said she was sorry to Eamon. He then found ease. Then Uma wanted to share that she just wanted some time with Josie.  Ellie and Luna said they really wanted to play with each other. They were reminded that when you don’t want to play with someone that that is ok yet, we get to use our kindest and most beautiful words one to the other with the saying.  They all left with ease and went into their own little happy places to play.  Maybe 10 possibly 15 minutes at most later, they were all playing with each other.

It was at this time that Josie went off with Holden and Eamon to play under the waterfall. Uma went with them but really didn’t want to go under the water. Luna went but then got her rain coat to go under and Ellie went down in there briefly too. And Theo, he was watching yet did not want to get wet either.ti

All the while or throughout the day, Ruby and I were working on their brooms and the children were doing their part with their brooms.  Uma got hers yet, if I got the story right, got a wee bit too rambunctious and it fell apart.  We will fix it back up next time we work on them.

We had intended on going on an adventure yet the play they were doing together was progressing so well it was not right timing to go anywhere but right where we were.

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