Tender Tracks Tues. Day 27

Jan. 4, 2017
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Ruby, Kai, Jesse, Skylar were  absent today.

We ended 2017 in  pouring rain and we return with almost the same amount blessing us with cold, rain, rivers, streams and creeks being created right in front of us.
Everyone was in such great spirits when they entered the bus. It was a true delight I believe for everyone to be back. They all had much to say about their holidays and the gifts they received during holiday.  Isabella was more joyous then I think I might have ever seen her. At the end of the day she said it was the “BEST” day ever.  She was rolling with laughter, fun and play throughout the day.  Jake was happy and playful with all.  Kuba, though happy to be there truly does not enjoy the cold and wet. However, by the end of the day when he truly discovered the joy of puddles that the others were exploring he to joined in. And, when he discovered that his new rain suit really worked he was truly happy, happy, happy. Eddie was really happy and very playful in the rain, puddles and such.  Archer, though he came in very happy mood, spent a lot of the day very, very dreamily wandering, wandering, wandering  and by the end he almost fell asleep in the bus.

Vilda Nature school had their holiday program going for all the other children that were still out of school as we shared the shelter space with them on and off throughout the day.  Jake was excited to see that they too sing a thank you song before they eat like us. He was really listening and trying to learn it too!!

Vilda Nature Program/ Kai’s Mothers Business, was however under the shelter first and with a lot more children then us so they were there and we played in the creek in the rain for awhile until they headed out. We then went under and had a beautiful circle with new songs, wonderful snack and a grand story.  We then did some crafting with popsicle sticks and glue, a bucket and trying to throw a ball into it and hammering nails into wood pieces that they each were given.  The only one who did not do or want to do the hammering was Isabella.  The rest really had fun, especially Jake I think, hammering into those pieces of fire wood.

We then had lunch, Vilda was back, we watched them build a fire under a tarp for awhile while we ate and then we cleaned up and made our way, into the now, stronger rain and adventure.  We found many puddles and wonders, they got soaked, we had a great and fun changing party and then back we went all the while the Sky world was pouring down buckets and buckets of water to fill the Lakes to capacity!

A beautiful day back.

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