Tender Tracks Tues. Day 27

Jan. 2, 2017
Full Moon
Sorich Ranch

Austen was absent.

It was very nice to be back and, to be in a place that was warmer than our beautiful Lake Lagunitas.
The children had their usual great fun going up and down their big rock.  This place is so very nice.
Today was, however, a day to celebrate Puma who just turned FIVE YEARS OLD!! What a wonderful thing.

We had our Tender Tracks Birthday circle. That means that there is a special birthday story for the child, a gift for them and they pass out their birthday snack. And that is what happened.  Puma seemed quite happy to be celebrated, pass out the snack he brought and then, be loved and honored throughout the day.

He was given the opportunity to choose what direction we head off to. He and the others that were here last year, realized that they had not been to the garden since last year. So, we made our way over there.

The walk over was as delightful as always noticing all those things that live, grow, sing, crawl and fly on our way.  We watched and listened well for the cars that come by and the children are GREAT when it comes to immediately going to the side of the road when needed!!!

When we got there, there were a lot of Dark-Eyed Junco’s feeding on the ground.  We got very, very, very quiet and stood so still watching and listening.  So much to receive from being able to do this!!
We then quietly walked in seeing more birds upon the ground.  They then went to see the chickens. We were amazed however to observe that there were NO ROOSTERS!  Where were they? Do they go away for the winter?  Well, what to do?  find some plants and give them to the chickens. And that is what the children did. Avaline LOVED finding the red peppers on the ground to feed them.  Vita and Devin loved gathering the old tomatoes on the ground to give to them, and Puma, whatever he could find.  They also had so much fun creating a wonderful gardening world inside the hothouse.  Ruby and I came in and they sold us many things at the “market.”  It was all delicious. 🙂

We had lunch and after lunch they found many, many, many, many….Wisteria seeds and their pods. They all worked together to gather them with hopes that we might be able to make something with them on another day.

They visited the chickens again and then we walked back.
A very nice day back from holiday.


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