Tender Tracks Tues. Day 25

December 13, 2016
Full Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Skylar was absent today. Michelle brought her children with us today too!!!
What a very fun and delightful day. It was smooth and easy sailing actually throughout the day.  We thought it was supposed to rain today but instead we had a good amount of sun and only a few drops as we were leaving!

For circle time we had a beautiful story about a young Star from the Heavens that got a wish to have Christmas and an old Cranky woman whose irritability and loneleness  was soothed by the kindness of an innocent and warm loving Star.  The children had Christmas tree sandwiches for snack, Edie, Isabella, Kai and Jesse hammered their lanterns and then off on an adventure we went.

Along this adventure there were so many wonders that we found: California Newts, MANY Woodpeckers, Large and small mushrooms, Fairy ponds, waters that sparkled, Birds/Cormorants that stay in groups of friends and so much more.

When we got to our destination; lake, open space, trees that were fallen down with LOT’S of acorns in them from Acorn Woodpeckers and tall Cat Tails to play with, we settled in for the fun.

Michelle’s son found the fun of getting the Cat Tails and letting the “seed babies” fly all around. It did not take long for all of us to join in.  What fun did we all have watching how the seed babies come from their cozy tight nit home to fly free and ALL OVER! Even up our noses!    We had lunch, played Dragon hill, chase, Tigers, and Tickle Monsters.  Kuba found some leaves and decided to be my cleaner. He would get them wet from the lake and sweep me clean.  When Kai was not a Tiger about to eat me he then was my pet.  Jesse was a 40 headed Dragon at one pt. and Jake as Sher Kan( I don’t really know how to spell this so I hope you know what I am talking about.) Edie became a tiger for a little while but then went back to Gentle Edie.  Ruby was peaceful and happy this day playing with the girls, Isabella and Edie.

Towards the end of the day we found a wonderful pretty much dead and laying down Madrone trunk that became a wonder filled bouncy tree. There was a great deal of manuvering as to how to get on this and stay on it along with helping each other out.

It was clearly time to go back so off we ran. We found some more incredible mushrooms along the way, a great deal more of the Woodpeckers that we had been watching throughout lunch and into the bus we went.

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