Tender Tracks Tues. Day 21

November 29, 2016
Alpine Lake
New Moon

Kai, Archer, Jake and Michelle were absent. Linda joined us today.
This was a very peaceful return. The sun was shinning brightly and with much easy warmth.  The children came back refreshed and ready with open hearts to a new adventure and off we went. But first, “what is different in the bus???” Three things were placed inside the bus that weren’t there before holiday for them to look about and discover. And, they did!!! Though the last one was a bit of a challenge even though it was right in the front of the bus.  A warm and friendly felted Gnome, a Cardinal Bird and a very funny and goofy Reindeer/the one they could not find.
After we made sure that we had all our toes, ears, eyes, legs, wiggles and the like ready for the day off we went.

We went back to Alpine lake, the place we last went when Linda came, because the last time on our adventure up the big hill we found cones. Cones that can be used to make our gifts for the birds in the winter time.  Only this time when we got there we discovered that there was a lot more water then last we were there!!  But first, they played on the bouncy tree, climbed up and down the rock and then came to circle where we had some new songs for our December time, kept our November songs and heard a story about how Robin got its Red Breast.  Throughout the day our ears were open and keen to hearing the many types of birds, large and small, the frogs singing, the water dancing and the wind playing amongst the trees.
Trilly Trully and Trippy Trooppy had run off again on their own adventure so after circle the children went to find them.  At first it was Jesse and Ruby but then, in the end, it was Kuba who found them. Prior though the children were going ALL over looking and searching high and low!   From there many wanted a chance to hide them and the others find them so we did that until all had completed their fun of it. Then, packing up and off we went for our adventure back up the hill.

Well, getting across the creek was far less easy this time as there was a great deal more water. We all rallied together to find logs and such to make a bridge but it wasn’t totally workable. I then took off my shoes and socks, Linda went on the other side and we both shared lifting them up and over the water to the other side. We then went up, up and up to the top of the big hill. But when we got there: “Where is Jesse, Kuba and Isabella???????” Surprise and out they came hiding behind some trees.

Before lunch they all revisited places they played at last time, gathered up cones that they liked and put it in a bag and enjoyed this beautiful place and view. The girls all stayed with Linda playing and such while Jesse, Kuba and I went to check out the Madrone Berries that we found last time up here. We found them but this time they were really high up the tree. Kuba and Jesse then spent a very long time trying to figure out how they could climb up the tree to get to those Madrone Berries!  Jesse was surprised by how capable Kuba was at climbing and that he was “better then me” at climbing. He was surprised yet stepped right in to supporting Kuba’s adventure.  In the end neither one of them could really climb up the tree. By that time everyone else came over and began gathering the berries that were on the ground for their elaborate fairy house it turns out they were making.

The others went, I believe, back to the fairy house and Isabella, Eddie and I stayed and joyfully, quietly, sat and admired the view while listening to the birds near us and the frogs singing for a nice while until it was time for lunch. They then helped me set that up and then called everyone in.   Lunch time was sweet and unified.  Towards the end I brought out two flutes that I had and the children had fun listening and then wanting to play. So when they finished lunch they had fun taking turns playing the flute.

There was then more gathering of cones and building of fairy houses.  Jesse and Skylar were immersed in stomping out Mushrooms with a very distinctive stomping song.  Skylar then began digging and discovered them growing deep under the earth and didn’t want Jesse to stomp them out.  When his foot went down it also came up a bit in her face. Not too bad but enough to bring great tears and crying. She was comforted but it was clear Jesse, though trying to hold back his own tears, felt very poorly. It also was clear that it was a true accident yet his kind and tender heart felt her pain.  It did all settle after a time. Eddie came over to comfort her as the others checked in on and off.

Throughout the day they were all playing on and off well with each other and very much enjoying this place.  It was time to go though yet some clearly did not want to.   When we got down to the creek to cross we were able to make a more sturdy bridge. Linda and I still helped them but I did not need to take my shoes off. So each one hopped across and went back to the bus.   We still had some time so I brought out their “Nature books” and the crayons. They then all sat together drawing things from the day. Linda and I would hear what their pictures were and write it down. We then got in the bus and arrived back COMPLETELY ON TIME/EXACTLY!!! Oh did that feel so very good!

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