Tender Tracks Tues. Day 19

Nov. 15, 2016
Day 19
Waning Crescent Moon

Kai had a day with Dad and was not with us and Michelle’s children were with us.

The day was very different then last Thursday. It started out warm and sunny and as each half hour passed the day got cloudier, colder, and darker. Jake came filled with the wild winds, Skylar softer, Isabella more open, Eddie holding onto her own desires and follow through with them and Ruby was solid and in her own self. All the girls were playing together a lot either like a group or fully with each other. Jake came as a roaring Tiger and Dragon a lot of the day, Archer exploring and immersed in discoveries, mainly making boats and sending things off to float, and Kuba was a bit quiet and playing solo for the morning yet by afternoon he and Archer were creating things together.

We had circle where there was not Trilly Truly and Trippy Truppy in their box but a little (felted) mouse and a STONE! Why????? Well, this was a variation on the Stones Soup story theme and preparing them for this coming Thursday. After circle though we needed to FIND Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy. Where were they??? They all decided to “split up” said Jake, to find them. Their splitting up some how really looked like going in the same direction and in the end, Jake DID find them up in a tree.

We needed to gather lot’s of wood so off we went but, I failed to mention straight away that Archer came to school with a beautiful little snake in a container that came to visit inside their house the day before. It liked their radiant heating!!! The children were in joy over this little friend too. When we were walking they all took turns holding the container until we found a place to release it. We decided to release it where we saw the last two snakes one day. Archer let it out very near the water and OFF it went right through the water and to the other side. Kuba, Skylar, Archer and Jake watched it for quite awhile before we finally moved on. We got to see how it would get scared and what it did about that.

We then went down the path, down the path, down the path until we found a beautiful spot with a little wooden house, so to speak, the water, and many low lying trees to play on. There was even a tree with “golden leaves tumbling down” just like one some of the words from one of our Fall songs. There was a great deal of gathering many, many leaves and creating things with them. Kuba really liked making his water bottle beautiful with the leaves. Others liked throwing them up and down and just creating so many wonders with them. But then……..

The water and the sun, when it was still warm and shinning, was very enticing. All the girls had a grand time in the water, Jake joined, not Archer accept to make his boats, not Jesse and not Kuba. Jesse was playing a lot with Jake today. They were roaring Monsters, Dinosaurs and wild cats. They played with Michelle’s son throwing Oak Gauls at one another ( they are rather soft), learning how to use them for baseballs and a lot of chase and running around.

All of a sudden the great water play turned a bit cold as the sky world got a bit dark! Clothes back on and we left in plenty of time to get back, change all of these clothes and still get back on time.

The walks coming and going had a good amount of explorations as well and oh yes, there was gathering wood for our fire on Thursday, and the changing clothes party when we got back on the outside of the bus.

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