Tender Tracks Tues. Day 17

Nov. 7, 2017
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

All the children were here and seemed more settled than last weeks Halloween fun excitement.
It was just me today yet, it turned out that, Devin’s Mom joined us for the day and that was just lovely.

I took them to a spot that last years kids remembered, once we got there, yet new to Austen and Devin.  It is a lovely spot on a hill in the sun.  There is a large trough there that has always been filled with water. On this day it was not.  The horse bar that typically stands tall for children to play on had fallen down and the Fairy house that usually is there was not.  So many new things to discover and re discover.

They checked everything out. Puma found a small lizard in the empty trough. When he went to get it he touched it and then it JUMPED. So then did Puma! 🙂  He also found a little spider that he thought the lizard ate. He found the spider afterwards though. All the children watched this lovely adventure or at least most of it and continued to check out the trough.

There was a lot of effort in trying to pick up the big fallen down metal pole that was attached to a post and re plant it in the ground.  That post was VERY heavy!  I tried to help but alas, we/I could not move and or lift it to satisfaction!.  Behind us was another post in tact.  I was swinging and playing on it and the children wanted to do the same yet could not reach it very well. I suggested they pile up some logs so that they could reach it. They all worked together to try and pile up logs and, in the end some of them were able to hop on up onto the pole and swing a bit!

We had circle and the same story from last week in order to deepen their awareness of the weather changes of cold and warm, the directions of North, South, East and West and more.
After circle they all gathered around the sun and stumps that had nails hammered in them.  What a mystery? Where did they come from? How did they get there?  They tried to climb up some with Avaline showing the way as she was the first to climb up the tallest stump.  They wound up playing wonder filled imaginary games of Lava, Ocean, mermaids, fire proof suits, Jaguars and more. Devin began making a Fairy house and eventually Avaline, Vita and Austen came over to see as well as help.
Austen gave Devin a nice gift and Devin gave a most gracious thank you.

We finally got our packs on and made our way to another place.  I had hoped that they would be able to find some Dark Eyed Junco’s with their Sharp Eyes. They looked at first but then they became immersed in playing Hide and Find them along the trail. All along the trail!!! 🙂

They would hide and oh dear, where were they and then AHHH there you are!!! Austen found some black on the Redwood Trees and covered his face and knew that he was camouflaged so well from this each time he hid. He was VERY proud and with himself and delighted with this game!!

On and on we went on the trail until they hid right near a beautiful trail leading down to, what is now, a beach, instead of the usual lake.
Down the trail we went and they began to find sooooo many little open shells. They gathered and piled and gathered and piled until the pile was indeed quite large.  Devin wanted to go fishing yet instead he found the MUD MONSTERS!!!!  His foot got a bit stuck. At first I thought he was having fun but it turned out this was not so very fun for him so I pulled him out and brought him to sturdier ground.  He still wanted to go fishing yet not with those mud monsters lurking!

Puma was finding tracks in the mud that we looked at alot. Avaline was gathering shells along with Vita, and Austen was running about having fun with the mud monsters AND finding LOT’S of shells to gather.  After a while I thought we might see if we could find a place where “fishing” could happen away from all the mud monsters so we walked further down the beach area.  I sent some of them to scout out the land close to the water to see if it was Mud Monster free.  Alas, it was now.
We settled down on some nice ground. And, alas the children shared with  Devin that they found no place near the water that was not deep mud! 🙁 No fishing today.

Well, no matter, they all played in the area quite nicely. Avaline and Vita LOVED the ducks, which actually were Coots. Coots are not ducks but water birds. I have yet to see this many coots there either.  There really were a lot!

Soap opera in the marsh: Coots foil nest invaders, reject ...

Next time you see this bird see if you can see what color their feet are!!  You might be surprised.

We had lunch which I found very funny and interesting to watch. They were all in their own little moment with their food, talking, singing, particularly Puma.  I brought out some of my animal/plant/track/ bug fold outs that they liked a lot. After lunch they had fun with those and then, they all settled in to pulling up the mud squares that were drying on the ground. They spent the rest of the afternoon working together doing this. Well, there was a lot of chasing and tugging between Avaline, Austen and then Puma though too. And, all the while Vita and Devin sat peacefully watching them run all around.

Vita was in joyous and great spirits today.  Avaline came with fun and happiness.  Puma was having a hard time separating from Mom and I think missing her quietly throughout the day yet playing, laughing and partaking.  Devin was happy that Mom was there all day and Austen was himself, alive, vibrant and rambuncous.

The walk back was filled with more hiding and running. We had made it all on time but then, porta pottie time happend and some took a bit longer than others. We finally made it back in the bus but needed to go quick as little bugs down the road.

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