Tender Tracks Tues. Day 1

September 11, 2018
Waxing Moon ( day after New Moon)
Lake Lagunitas

This year began with fires in West Marin with strong smoke smell in the air. Due to this two folks opted out for the day and one stayed home sick.

Tender Tracks decided, after looking at the Air report and making calls and text to all of you, that we would carry on with the day as planned.
This will be another year, possibly, where we must all make these personal decisions on how and when we wish our children to be out and about. Who knew we would have to think so much about our air quality??

Four families and two parents were left to join the day. And since there were so few we ALL went on the bus.
The entire day was SO BEAUTIFUL, peaceful and with a graceful flow throughout.

Ruby and I thank the two Mom’s that came. Their presence aided the group greatly with their wonderful presence!!

Theo was one out of two, of the new children in our group. He acclimated so very well and instantly made friends, particularly with Eamon and Eamonn with Theo. Luna had the BEST time gathering Red Wood Cones with Ruby and then with Ruby and her Mom. They gathered SOOOOOOOOOO much! Elli was just so happy, playful with herself, with the boys, with Luna and with us. Such a grand, grand joy to be back with these children!

We had a wonderful circle, snack and then the children went into the woods and found a special bag with their symbol on it and inside a mat with their symbol and a wood cookie to write their name on, draw a picture on and then put it on their bag. The bag is now their extra clothes bag for the year.

Theo began to build a “beavers dam”, Eamon joined and Ellie too. I gave them a bucket and two large shells to use for shoveling up the mud that they gathered. They finally moved the Beavers dam over to the creek. And, while they were building, what came peeking it’s head out??? A Ca. Newt!! It was quite wonderful. All the while Ruby, Luna, and her Mom gathered all those Red Wood Cones!

During the day the children wound up painting themselves with mud, rock paint and walking over logs and stones, playing in the creek, seeing Butterflies and I saw some frogs to tell them about. We never were able to get them to the place we thought we would take them yo yet, it matter not. This was a most peaceful, easy, flowing and kind day. And, oh yes, we fed the Yellow Jackets well during lunch and we never were bothered! They also shared the many things they saw during the day and Ruby drew them up on our new chalkboard at the front of the bus for us all to see. SOOO lovely!

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