Tender Tracks Thursday Day 30

January 12, 2017
Full Moon
Marin Stables

Skylar, Kuba and Eddie were absent today.
The day was cool with gray clouds looking like rain might come on and off yet this never took place for us. However, we weren’t sure WHAT the weather was going to do. Due to this we were planninng the day as we stood there because our original plans of going to Lake Lagunitas to make a fire was haulted.  The rains had caused damage there and it had been closed all week for repairs.
We decided to first off play right there in the park, Peri Park, by the rushing, rushing creek. The children were completely ENTHRALLED with finding rocks  and “sea glass” upon the ground.  We found a flat concrete rock I encouraged them to put their finds there. Prior they were all in my pouch pocket!!!   There was a very large and heavy piece of wood that wanted to get thrown into the creek to see if it floated or not by Jake and Jesse.  Archer got into this as well. It was heavy so they had many starts and stops with this. I finally got it in and then we watched as it got stuck, un stuck and then went rushing down the creek where we ran after it to watch it’s journey.   Ruby and Isabella were very excited to have found a Squirrel up in a tree.  Kai was his usual self with finding GREAT stones for painting faces with and the day before a Rainbow was seen in the sky. I have been wanting to take them to see horses so that they would have a connection to what we will be making soon, Horse Hair Paint Brushes and working with color. With all of that said, we had circle and the story was about How The Rainbow and Colors Came to Be.  We then looked at so many colors all around us, what we were wearing and how different colors mix to make other colors.

We then hopped into the bus and made our short way over to the Stables. Jake of course was in 7th heaven because he has always LOVED horses so. We got to pet some of them and see many. Almost all of the people there were SOOOO friendly and impressed with all of their bright questions  We walked by the horse ring where some of the horses were getting exercised and the lady there was so helpful and again, very kind to the children. This does not always happen!!! Now we were welcomed to the place and off we went down a trail. I was in the back with Kai, Ruby, Isabella and Jake and Michelle was in front with Archer and Jesse who were really going at a good and comfortable clip.   The children with me were gently strolling along. So Archer and Jesse wound up waiting often for us.  The trail was BEAUTIFUL and we walked embraced by this beauty. There was a stop by a waterfall where they had fun watching things float down that they threw in. There was a great deal of noticing the mushrooms that we found and the many that we were surprised that we didn’t see. We also noticed that we did not see one Ca. Newt and no Banana slugs!  That was very intersting since the habit was just what they like and where they are usally found.

When we got to where we were going we set up camp and began to explore.  I took Jake and Jesse on a big  adventure over logs, through rushing creeks, climbing on logs and some such while the others were very busy with Michelle making a beautiful circle of stones and fallen Redwood boughs to surround it. They filled it with the inordinate amount of Bay nuts that were found. It was a beautiful, beautiful gathering.  When we all got together we were playing in the creek, exploring the height and depth of the water, playing hide and go seek and such. Ruby actually led a grand Hide and Go seek to “surprise the teachers!”

Then came our lunch circle where we were very, very blessed to have a  woman with her horse and dog come through. The children had many questions for her that she did her best to answer.  Another woman came by with a baby on her back that the children engaged with so sweetly. Most everyone that came by were invited into their world and their curiosity about them and they in turn responded with kindness and warmth to them.  Such open warmth in the world!

After lunch the water play got grand and Archer and Jake became water guppies.  Isabella and I, due to Isabella’s lead, got very busy building a large Fairy home with rocks, moss, Usnea and Bark.  Jake came over to help at times with this as well.

Image result for picture of Usnea

Picture of Usnea

All were very, very busy and content.
We then needed to get back to the bus as it was a good walk to do so.  Jake thought he would never make it but with hand holding and playfulness, HE DID!  And so did we all.  There was a changing party along with drawing in their nature books as they waited for  the others to get changed and Kai, for the first time for him and Tender Tracks, peed in a bucket. We were in a neighborhood where it didn’t seem right that he pee on someone’s front lawn! 🙂

A fine day indeed.

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