Tender Tracks Thursday Day 26

December 15, 2016
Crescent Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas and Archers home

Skylar was not with us today.
The children were so very, very excited for the event that was going to take place at the end of the day: A party at Archers!!!!  But before that, it was circle and candle making. The Rain was POURING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Throughout the entire day. This was quite pleasing for one,in particular, reason among others: for the first time the Weather report was correct!!!!
We had a beautiful little circle with a wonderful story that ended up with the children receiving a Little Gnome that had a little Geode for them to crack open.  Actually they met the Gnomes and would receive theirs at the end of the day.

They went through a very fun time trying to fill a bucket with some water for our candle making needs.  It was a bit before snack that I realized that the wicks got left at my home!!!! Oh no, what to do. This became one of many little huddles for plan changes of the day that Michelle and I had.

So, after circle instead of making candles we went on a grand rain adventure up the hill, throwing things over and into the spill way to see them TUMBLE quickly down the water fall.  The children were laughing earlier at the water fall because they thought it would be grand to just go down this fast slide and into the water below.

We saw so many new creeks, rivulets, and the lake filling up , be created and flow, flow, flow. The water was simply incredible to behold.  The puddles were of great delight as well but alas, it was A LOT!! so, in the bus for a grand changing party, eating a little more, listening to a story getting cozy and then off to our final part of the day. But first, a quick little trip to the hardware store so I could run quickly out and get some tea lights for their lanterns!!!!!!!!!

They did not really know what we were doing and that is the way we wanted it and then off to Archers we went. He was delighted to guide us down the road there too.  We found our way and carried each child in one by one while the sky just kept pouring rain upon us like a broken water faucet!

When inside, oh how lovely and peaceful it was!!  Michelle and I were so delighted and thankful to all of you who were able to make it.  We know that it can be quite hard to make such a thing happen so thank you. Every single family had someone representing them and the food you all brought was wonderful.   It was a treat to see the children sing to you as well with their great lighted lanterns. We hope they will light these during the dark nights of our winter time.

Happy Holidays to you all and so much gratitude and appreciation.

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