Tender Tracks Thursday Day 2

September 13, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

All the children were here and Josie’s Mother stayed with us all day. Yeah!
What a glorious second and for some, first day. The weather was sunny yet cool and the children’s spirits were high, sweet and present.

As Ruby and I reflected over the day it was a delight to see the children from last year have such ease and comfort. They really did take in so much of the rhythm and ways of Tender Tracks.

Theo was taken in beautifully by Holden and Eamon with a little help. The beauty with which he was welcomed into their world was tender to behold. Josie played with Uma, whom she already knows, and Ellie and Luna really wanted to play with her, which they did too.

The day was easy with a gentle flow from one playful movement to the next. Our circle was intact, and the last of the mats and extra clothing bags were found by Uma, Josie and Holden, the three that were absent on Tuesday.
A great deal more Redwood cones were gathered by Ruby, Uma, Luna, and Ellie. The boys were very involved in a Storm Trooper game. Theo knew exactly how to and how not to use tools of such characters AKA sticks and when the boys got too rambunctious with the play and using the girls to chase they would very easily stop when asked. Phew! Well done parents!!

We went to the top of the stone stairs and there we stayed for the rest of the day going up and down and up and down and up and down and round the hill and area. We gathered material and began to make a large home and paint and pencils to draw with on wood, madrone bark and madrone leaves. Ruby caught three frogs for us to see and feel and we got to see SO MANY FROGS!

Back in the bus pictures were drawn of all the many things that we saw in nature and then we sang our goodbye song.

This was just a sweet, sweet and kind first week back to Tender Tracks. Ruby and I are so very excited for this year to come.

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