Tender Tracks Thurs. Week 7 Day 14

Oct.25, 2018
Lake Lagunitas
Waning Crescent Moon

Uma was absent today and Luna back from her grand trip to Belize!!

Luna came in with such joy and wonderful stories of her adventure to this grand and far away place Belize!  What fun it was for us all to hear about the Crocodiles!!

We went to our Sunny Spot for the first time this year where the Horse Trough is or rather, the Brew or stew pot is.
The weather was Sunny and a sweet temperature.  The temperature of the children was somewhat subdued turning into a brisk wind of play and exploration.

Ellie and Josie were deep in their friendship that they have been working with all the time Luna was gone.  Ellie, Josie, and Uma have had a lot of growth in this area. And now, Luna is back and there have been some adjustments around that.  Luna so much wanted to play Witch with them but alas they did not.  Ellie and Jose were shunning her a wee bit as they embraced each other’s familiarity over these past three weeks. However, it did not take much to talk with Ellie and Josie and have their hearts open up to Luna. They just needed a little support here and then, poof, it all happened.
Luna at that time was gathering dry wood with Ruby. Ellie and Josie went over there and, for the rest of the day the three of them found their togetherness in a sweet and kind way.  As for the boys, they were immersed in their games. They said they were poachers and I said, ” Well, then you have to go to jail!”  They thought that was grand and wound up putting THEMSELVES in jail and playing an elaborate game around that.  I continued to play with them with the many stalking games that aid one in deep observation, focus, stillness, and nature awareness.

While I was playing with them the girls were with Ruby gathering beautiful flowers that stick to your clothes and dried twigs that make beautiful music. They then found that they could be like birds or rabbits hiding in little nests that they built in the dried swamp plants. When the boys came running through they discovered these wonders too and they all had a fine time with this.

We had circle and such and then after all of the above and after lunch we went to see if we could harvest some Madrone berries. We made our way over to the trees near the Lake Lagunitas “recycling area,”( we call it that) but alas, they were not ripe yet so, we went to another bunch of Madrone trees near the lake and they were not ripe either. However, the water beckoned the children to play with it and that is what they did. Holden, in particular, just LOVED the water and went in and Eamon followed. But, dear me, this water is not for us to play deeply in and the plant world that they were ripping up needed more tender care.  So, even though the children were having a delightful! time, there was some storytelling type of support on how we can be good and kind to the beings that live in the water and STILL play with joy.  So, I took off my shoes and showed them how to walk so quietly, so easily in the water, without making a sound and making your feet like a sharp-edged knife and be able to really see and possibly catch those little fish!

So, the play changed a bit and greater gentleness took place.

We finally needed to find our way back to the bus and make our way home.

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