Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 8

Oct. 6, 2016
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today was a day to go on a big adventure straight away. There were some energies that needed to be moving right as we got there. I actually had the sense that this would need to happen a day before. Michelle felt it too when we got there and, as usual, she and I were in tune with each other so, out of the bus, backpacks on and down the road we went. We passed the Bon Tempe Lake that we explored last week, went over the bridge, and found ourselves on a small yet magnificent trail. Many cut down trees around us, and children in a far greater space of inclusiveness. On this day it was Jake that came fiesty, firery and filled with deep desire to do as he pleased. Therefore, he was resistive often to staying with the group and coaxed Archer to run head out of range. Oh dear, what to do what to do with such robust explorative selves? Turn them into, Guardians of the Rear: They made sure all was well from the tail end and the group was safe and sound. They also held my hands for awhile in support of this great Mission they now had:)

We stopped mid way under some fine Madrone trees and Doug Fir cones all about us on the ground. Here we had our circle and snack. Kuba was the one who noticed that “something was not the same.” Indeed, our regular routine was rearranged. We felt we could alter our ritual morning, that they were ready for this, and that this was useful for the days emotional and energetic needs.

I wanted to introduce a few more new songs but sticking with the old ones and the new Halloween song that has lot’s of hand movements was really what worked best, so that is what took place and it was grand!

Then back down the trail we went in two little podling groups until we all made it to our most beautiful destination; along a long shore line of the lake with many shells, painting rocks, and time and space to unfold like a flower reaching to the warm rays of the sun.

It seems that Kai REALLY knows how to find the best painting rocks, EVER! Michelle became resident face and body painter as the children lined up, as you will see on the pictures on FB. The children looked magnificent. Truly!!

Ruby hid in the tall Cat Tails and Jesse said I should look for her because she was gone:) Well, maybe there was just a Marsh Bird in the Cat Tails but, Could it be??? YES it WAS Ruby, tucked away blended in with the world of the shore.

The children were all mixing and matching with each other today so beautifully. Isabella played a lot with Skylar, Eddie was comfortable with that as she was being with her self or others. Kuba and Jesse were finding great treasures on the shoreline, Archer and Jake were really enjoying being on rocks at the farthest point they could go. It was so very peaceful there for them. Ruby and Kai I already mentioned.

This place provided just what we thought, ease, peace, calm, exploration, sounds to nourish the heart and soul, images of great majesty and gentle breezes to soothe the skin that covers our body like a nice warm coat.

This is a short entry that I wish to leave one main image: Friendship
Today was a red letter day of opening up to each other, Tender Tracks,Earth and Sky.

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