Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 8

Oct. 5, 2017
Alpine Lake
Full Moon

Another absolutely exquisite day!!  Devin was not able to make it with us until the very end of the day.  They came to find us at noon but alas, that is mostly never possible and so this was the case with them. 🙁

We came to Alpine Lake in hopes of going to a spot that Puma, Avaline and Vita know about. A place where there are usually LOT’S of turtles!  Our story this week has been about a turtle AND using a turtle shell in the story.  When we got to the lake however, there was no water!!!
We had asked a Ranger last week about where the waters were and we thought he had said this lake was full up.  But, no water to be seen!

The children instantly went to climbing on the great rock that was there while we set up circle.  Ruby went to make sure that they were away from the plentiful growth of Poison Oak that was in it’s many forms found in Winter, Spring, and Fall!

While up there they all began a delightful game of Hide and Go Seek. When I came up Avaline was the Finder. She was immersed in her joy of looking all around for her friends.  They all had fun with that game until they naturally came down to circle where we had our singing, eating, each peeling their own apples with the apple peeler and little muffins.

We were all wondering where our day would take us.  As circle was beginning a Fisherman walked near by.  I asked him where he was fishing and if there was any water further in ward of the Lake. He kindly came over and shared where the water was.  Then we knew where we should go: down into the dry lake, over to the Rose hips tree to gather some rose hips for tea next week, explore the dry, yet muddy parts, of the lake, then find the water!

This is what we did.  We wound up walking and walking up on the side of the lake. It was actually quite hot! There did not seem to be any shade insight for us to settle down to for lunch and the second part of the day. When we asked the children if they still wanted to keep going they said unanimously YES! So, we kept walking and, what did we find A GREAT SPOT where there was shade, trees up above and water down below. The children’s intention led us to what we all wanted.

Austen had to go poop straight away yet really, really, really wanted the porta potty and NOT outside.  Oh dear, what to do? Well, I made a very great little potty with a log and a hole below.  He still was not up for that yet asked “Does anyone want to try this???”  Avaline said with, with vigor, that she would be happy to use it.  I have been showing her how to pee while sitting on a log so, she knew just what to do. Then, later on she had to poop and she used it. Vita went with she and Ruby. They came back with happy faces and happy report that the nature made bathroom was great!  Austen however, though he tried it earlier, was not so delighted. We do hope that he had ease and comfort with this need at home! 🙂

The rest of the day was filled with watching the water fowl and ducks in the water, the Light Fairies on the water, figuring out how deep the lake really was, playing tag, eating and  then finding our way back, which was not as easy as you might think due to the terrain we were on.

When we got to the bus however who was there to greet us?  Devin and his Mom.  We heard some of their adventures trying to find us and then, in the bus, we drew our Story of the Day.  We did wind up finding some turtles too. Some sitting and others swimming in the water.

A truly lovely day.

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