Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 64

May 24, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Alpine

We went to Lake Alpine because this was one of the places the children said they wanted to revisit during our last days of Tender Tracks.  So here we went.  They had their usual fun playing on the rock and, checking out how HIGH the water was!!!  We saw the places that, when the waters weren’t there, we could walk across, find the Newt sacs, see the turtles and more.  Now however, the waters covered it all up and new pathways were to be found.

At circle we revisited a story that was shared at the beginning of the year: How Seasons Came to Be.  And, while telling the tale, we played the game that is woven inside the story.  Now they are very able to do so and with great fun.  They shared their favorite songs and we sang those.

After circle a bit more play there and then off on an adventure.  Ruby and I thought it would be great to go and see if the turtles were on a log that we have frequented at the place where the Butterfly landed on everyone.  As we walked up there alas, there were 5 + weed wacker men blazing loudly away with their tools making the area easier to visit for all yet, SO LOUD!! Therefore, a new adventure commenced.

As we walked along the long high rise above the waters and looking down on where we thought we were going to go, we could see so many of the places that we have visited and explored throughout the year.  It was a delight to remember our adventures.  Then, they kept becoming rocks along the way and a great game of surprise, stillness, and excitement took place!!!

As we made it to the end of this long Highway Road :), there were two paths to take. Oh which one???
We took the one to the left and the one that would take us around the lake. Puma asked Avaline, ” Is this the place where you went fishing?” Avaline has shared with us often about her fishing adventure with her Dad in that area.  This was so fun to hear Puma ask her.

We walked a ways and then found a small trail that veered off the main path and was closer and surely more adventurous than the other trail until we found a spot that we truly liked. We stopped but then, another trail opened up and off they went. We then took our backpacks and set up our spot further away.  They had found a dead bird carcass and we explored that. Earlier on their adventure they had found a fisherman and conversed with him. He left, and,oh dear, was it because exuberant and alive little children came by?? Ah well, he peacefully went on his way and we explored this small area near the water.

During lunch there was great stillness at times as we took in such peace, beauty and the glory of life in at this new spot.

They found more fisher peoples line and barbs which we gathered up in one way or another.
Each one of the children are alive in their own unique way and sharing with each other the fun of being with each other.

Our adventure was fun going back as well.  Ruby, Puma and Avaline took the harder way and the rest of us went a way that we did not think was faster yet we discovered, IT WAS!!!  That was a fun discovery.  All of us were so happy to have found this new adventure never taken and the many fun spots we found to explore along the way.

When we got back we finished up a project begun on Tuesday and then, onto the bus, singing, sharing gratitudes and happy hearts all the way back.

A delightful day. And, the weather? Well, it was sunny day cloudy day sunny day cloudy day!! And, we had fun noticing it’s changes.



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