Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 64

May 27, 2019
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Holden out sick and Theo out with a very pronounced swelling above his Right eye from, what turned out to be, a spider bite. So, just four children and 5 adults!!! 🙂

It was not only Ellie’s last day before they move away but we also celebrated her birthday.  Her Mom and Nanna came for the celebration and Mom came with us on the bus.  Ellie seemed happy for this all.

When we got to our spot it was the usual fun.  Eamon was playing with Luna in particular but then his usual sadness that she, Josie and Ellie did not want to play his game of choice, Ninja’s.  ” We are playing Princess and Fairy” said Ellie.  Well, as you might imagine that just was not what he wanted to play and, he still is in the stage of feeling ever so sad over not being able to play what he would like. Thwarted you might say.  I shared with him the very hidden tales about the mighty BOY Fairies that are great Guardians AND, carry GRAND silver swords.  He stood still for a bit listening and then, ran off and came back shortly there after with a stick. I thought it was a sword but in fact, it was a “gun”, so he proclaimed.  🙂 And he was back into playing with them all.

At circle time we had Ellie’s bday story and she passed out the Birthday snack that she brought for everyone. And, they gobbled it up, as, there were 5 choices!!! 🙂

By the time circle was over and all the play, it was actually quite late so, instead of what Ruby and I initially thought we were going to do we instead went up the stairs and looked over the ledge to see if there were any bull frogs and such. We didn’t see them but we did see a VERY large Crawdad. So large that it looked like a small lobster!  We then went up the hill and to the right instead of the left.  As they were walking down the fire road who should come roaring up but the Water District BIG truck!  Luna and Ellie scattered up and over to us and we were a bit surprised too!!! Yet, all was well. PHEW! and down we went, playing all the way.

When we got to the bottom we “made camp” right near the waters edge and near a great Redwood castle area of sorts.   There they played for a bit and I told a story. Then we went to lunch and from there, oh my such fun!  Luna and Eamon went to the bridge near by and, OH DEAR! They became Trolls!  And, Ellie and Josie were the “Neighbor Trolls,” said Josie, on the other side.  When any one came over the bridge oh they simply had to recon with these Troll’s and their fee for crossing.  There were two women that were coming by and ( they over heard it all) and played right along. They finally paid the price ” a rock they had found” and were able to move on their way. 🙂

From here on out the best I can say is that there was chasing, finding a picnic table whose benches bounced up and down, Ruby and I tag teaming with running, chasing and playing and such. Oh my, what a  great deal of fun and laughter we all had until we made it all the way home.

Just plain and simply, fun AND delightful warm and full day that was also spacious in explorations and the immersed in the work of children: PLAY!

And, oh yes, earlier there was much climbing and swinging on the great Redwood tree and becoming Monkeys or Bats.  Ruby and Eamon made incredible maps on the ground. He hid a treasure for Ruby to read the map and find the treasure and, SHE FOUND IT!!


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