Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 64

May 23, 2019
Waning Gibbous Moon
Lake Alpine

Everyone was here today, Josie and Mom and all the rest.  The Sun came too though later in the day the Dark clouds showed their face again and covered up Sun’s warmth for a bit. More on that further down.

This day was so beautiful, rich and filled with explorations, observations and growth.

The children instantly explored this area we have not been too in a time.  The big rock, the very full lake, the plants and, the wonder.  Holden came with a shirt that had a Rattle Snake on it and I, in my morning meditation asked the question ” What would be a good story to share on this day?” The answer I received was ” Tell the tale of How Rattlesnake Came toBe and Why they always rattle their tail for protection.  At the beginning of this year  Theo found many LARGE Rattle Snake skins tucked into the rocks at this place. Today the ranger came and shared with us that they just are now finding the Snakes coming out of Hybernation. We are all aware of our Rattle Snake friends and coming together with that awareness. How fun and delightful is that?!

So, we came together for circle, and story though we changed our spot to another because, a dogs large poop was left in the grasses. I covered it up but it was clear, we all agreed, it really smelled and was very close to our usual spot. No worries, we just went to our other spot next to the big rock.

We had our story, songs and snack and then, got ready for our adventure, to find the TURTLES!!!  But oh yes, before that, Ruby took out a rope and a great game of jumping over the rope as it was made like a slithering snake in the grass.  At first it was just the girls but then, the others came in to play as well.  A great deal of fun was had. From there they all hung onto that rope for a time as we went up the big hill. At the top they looked over and saw the water flowing down, down, down.  We then took Josie’s Mom up to see where, when the water wasn’t there, how they used to slide up and down and up and down on the concrete water flow. Theo shared that that was how he got so many holes in his pants.  We then went down another big hill to find the turtles. And, WE DID!  At one point Ruby had counted 31?

There was much exploration down by the water but I will share the most beautiful part for me was when all the children were working/playing together on these boards in the water and having such a good time.  The thing of it was however, the clouds came over, the warmth went away and when they were done playing and we had to go…COLD set in!!  And, we still had to walk back no matter.  Josie’s mom had some extra out layers of varying grownup to child size and helped the girls with that and then we just went off. The more we walked the warmer they got and, so, it happened.

It was a glorious day of air, wind, sun, clouds, so many animals to see. Ruby and I saw a muskrat, the children saw many Turkey Vultures soaring, playful crows and Canada Geese with five baby ducklings.  A Kingfisher sat upon the wires above us at the lake and the turtles were of great fascination to watch, particularly at lunch time as we sat facing the waters together.

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