Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 6

Sept. 30, 2016
Waxing Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today was a day of support in creating greater unity and friendships. So far they have buddied up and it has at times been a bit unfriendly in nature around just having ones one friend and not having the group as their friends. So, with Michelle’s inspiration, before circle we split into two groups, the Dolphins and the Whales. Each group had only one person from the “pairs” and that group went off to find gifts of kindness and care to give to the other group.
My group were the Whales of Skylar,Jesse, Kuba,,Isabella and Jake. Dolphins with Michelle, were Kai,Archer, Eddie, Ruby.
What each group came up with was so beautiful. We created a circle, like our morning circle. The Dolphins, Michelle’s group, had shared their love of their friends when they were with her and then they found kind and loving words for someone else in the group that were then given to the other person. Oh how smiles came from hearing sweet words of what they liked about the other. The Whales had found little treasures from the Earth and had put them all on two very big rocks with why they wanted to give these gifts to the other group. When my group first got together I said we were going to give a beautiful gift to the other group and then they would receive a gift. Jesse’s face lit up with a great big smile from these words.

After the groups gave their gifts we sang a song of unity about how the Redwood Trees need each other to grow tall and strong, then we sang one of our other good morning songs, heard the story from Tuesday yet with a greater emphasis on needing all our friends, and snack. From there we had a great deal of play.

Jake and Archer needed to go to the bathroom so I took them. On the way we went through the “Snake Forest” as Archer called it and Jake, with his keen eyes, found treasures on the ground. After using the bathroom some friends of mine were coming back from a walk and we got to pet one of their very cut dogs. Archer in particular LOVED petting this dog and with such gentleness and sweetness. At first Jake was scared but then, after watching Archer, I think, came down next to me and petted this small dog.

When the three of us came back we found the rest sitting really quietly watching a Raven up in the tree! We joined that game too and sat ever, ever so still.
There were some rousing chase games and then it was time to head off. We made our way towards the lake on the other side of the parking lot. Ruby, Kai, Kuba and Isabella knew where this was yet of course, it was so very different from last year.

It was beautiful to see them opening up more to others in the group and by the days end they were all playing SOOO sweetly by the waters edge. The stick play had turned into appropriate peaceful play. Sklyar and Eddie were quietly playing on some rocks next to the water with a big stick watching how the water splashed when the stick hit the water and laughing and laughing at this. Jake, Archer and I saw the concentric rings that they were being made by their sticks so we made some of our own and watched how they bumped into each other. Jake REALLY liked this. Earlier Archer was just having such a good time by himself quietly playing at the waters edge so very peacefully.
Kuba and Jesse were having fun throughout the day building a castle/fort or playing by the water. Isabella, Kai, Rubi, Jessie and by days end Skylar were all gathering “Seaweed” for their “food” in their game.

The children played in, near and around the water with total involvement. The Fisher Kings, Coopers Hawks, Crows and Ravens, to name a few birds, visited us along with little fish,dragon flies, gentle winds and warm sun.

It was really a great day towards developing greater group unity and so we will continue on with this. 🙂

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