Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 58

April 26, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Own absent today.

On this day we celebrated Vita’s 5th birthday!!!  She proudly brought DELICIOUS muffins that she and her Mom baked the night before. She came to school happy and alive and, excited about seeing her Grandmother at the end of the day!

Ruby and I decided that we would begin our day at the sunny hill spot and then go to one of our favorite “beaches” in order to follow the Sun and enjoy the warm rays.
As we went to the top of our hill they enjoyed playing at the spots that they always go to. Austen and Devin instantly went to their “Recycling Center” and Puma went to climbing up on a log to get to the horse bar where he could sit and, watch the world.  Avaline and Vita were very happy to help build up the recycling center and help me get wood to build up a higher platform for Puma.

We found some incredible Beetles under the logs and then a small scorpion.  It was fun to spend a good amount of time with these beautiful creatures.
Circle time was fun with Vita’s Birthday story and celebrating her. And she beautifully gave everyone her snack which was, GOBBLED UP!

After circle they played a bit more and then we made our way to the beach. But, as we were passing another place that we have visited, the “junkyard” so speak of Lake Lagunitas, a Big truck was there moving dirt around.  They all wanted to sit and watch this so we sat upon a long log nearby and did just that. Then Avaline and Devin were very ready to go and, we did.

They then came upon their favorite long tube that goes into the lake. There they love to throw rocks down in this and hear and see what happens. Before the lake was filled with water the rocks used to make big splashes. Then the lake filled and they could hear the rocks go down but no splash!  Today the water was lower yet not so low as to have a space between this tube and the water.  So,they played with all manner of different things and listened and watched with a lot of laughter and fun.

Down the path we then went and they came upon two women with three dogs between them.  Austen and Vita went ahead and the rest stayed to pet and be with the dogs.  When we got to our usual spot, two things were different. Firstly, there were two fishermen there all set up and cozy. Secondly, there was hardly any beach!  It was almost all covered up with water.  We went further down the path and there we found a place that would do just fine and we settled in.  They instantly went to fishing, finding “fish”/ water plants and carried on, as usual.  🙂

We ate lunch happily, played, Avaline and Vita went to go poop but only Avaline went and Vita “only peed,” she said.  Austen had his fishing pole, Puma his too and Devin busy building.  We relaxed in the glory of the Sun and the beauty of visual splendor.  I promised Puma that I would tell the “wolf story” that he brought from home and had asked for several weeks ago and Devin I promised to tell a story that he wanted to heare about how Rattle Snake came to be.  Austen and Puma really liked the Wolf story and wanted me to tell it several times.  I told two different versions as they wanted to really understand it. One wolf is angry and the other wolf easy going.  They live inside of us and whichever one we feed is the one that is more alive in us.  Well, these are very big concepts yet, because I was asked to share it I did, but, and I hope, in an easy version for them to get.  Devin loves the story about the Rattle Snake because it says why the rattlesnake has a rattle and how they will bite if they get scared.  He has really been into acting this out so, that is what happened after the tale!

Austen and Puma, as they sat there listening they also looked like they were having allergy symptoms as they were sneezing and getting red eyes.
I found a little creature that looked like a Damselfly that had just come out of it’s old body yet it didn’t look so well.  I held it on my hand to see if it would straighten itself out but it wasn’t really looking so good. Devin really wanted to hold this so I put it on his hand and he sat there very still for quite a while until, alas, he really was ready to go play.

After immersion into play, stories, pooping, peeing, eating, bugs and the like, it was time to walk back to the bus and go home and so, we did.

On the bus we had a very nice goodbye song and back to the park we went to where some children were going straight to holiday and some to other adventures.


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