Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 56

April 25, 2019
Waning Moon
Lake Alpine

Luna off to work with Mom for Go to Work with Mom day.

So, it was Josie and the boys and, a great deal of warm Sun!

Josie, fairly soon as we got there found, with Ruby, a stick, fishing line and a feather.  They made a beautiful weather stick, or that is what it looked like. For circle I asked if she would like to be the Weather Watcher with her stick and she seemed happy to do so. She always likes that job!  Holden and Eamon were content being snack helpers and Theo wanted to help fold the mats.

We stayed in our area that we were in for awhile. Holden LOVED running down the hill and FLOPPING on to the ground. I think at first he didn’t mean to slip and slid but after that he loved it and kept doing it and doing it.  Theo and Eamon tried it yet, I must say, Holden had it down!  The boys, led by Eamon, went over with great curiosity with what Josie was doing and there they all stood at the edge of the lake like happy fisher people.  Theo was his usual self IMMERSED into finding bugs and such. He found many Cicada skins. They all really liked seeing those. It is spring and there were many, particularly this year. And, we were surrounded by their sounds on and off in this area.

Spring was surrounding us with it’s new life and vibrancy every where we turned.  Josie found the fresh Rattle Snake weed and ate a great deal throughout the day with joy.

As we went on our adventure we went to check out the spill way and the place that we have walked across when there is no water. Holden instantly went sliding down it, Theo followed and then they would climb up and down and do it again.  Eamon went down yet climbing up was hard for him. Holden instantly tried to help him yet in truth, he wasn’t strong enough to do so, though his attempts WERE valiant.  Ruby and I coached him through it and he made it and then did it one more time. Theo discovered a specific way of sliding down that he then realized ripped the most of the back side of his pants off. All the children thought that that was very funny, as you can imagine. 🙂

Then, off we went down the top side of the dam. There were crystals found in the ground and the heat of the day pouring upon us. We finally made it to the other side and went into the woods, down a skinny trail and to the place we wanted to go. However, there were happy and quiet fishermen there so, we back tracked and found a small place to sit and eat lunch.

There we ate. A Dragon fly came to visit us and then we saw many others.  The question of what they were doing flying together came up.  We said it was Spring and they were making more of themselves.  “How do they do that?’ one of the boys asked. I said ” They have a very special dance that they do.”  Oh yes, I have seen them do that” One of them said. And Theo and Holden did a little wiggle dance. Like the Dragon flies soaring together.  All was easy and questions satiated.  Theo had asked about death at the beginning of the day so I told them a creation story of How Death came to Be. The gist: The world got TOOO full, when we don’t know when someone or something is going to die it helps us to remember to be as kind as we can and appreciative to the precious people and things in our lives and the lives of others. And, even when they leave their bodies they are always in our hearts and sending us love.

We had fun at our spot watching a Mallard couple swimming about.  Holden in particular was very happy to see them and to share this joy with the others.  We left this area and walked back to the bus. There were our fun Hide and go Seek games along the way and enjoyment of the gentle breeze in the midst of such warmth.

Back at the bus, Ruby drove and I read a book that, Eamon in particular love’s called What a Mess.  In truth this was read because Eamon has requested it several times from the last time I read it.   I wasn’t able to finish it but we had a lot of laughs all the way home with it. We then got there early so we went down to the creek and played there until they got picked up.



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