Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 50

March 30, 2017
Waxing Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

The weather was easeful, warm with some cool breezes and clouds that brought us to pay attention at times. Also the Wind Children were a bit mischievous as well in the morning.
The energy for some was high and for some not so.  Due to what showed up Michelle and I both felt it would be beneficial to just stay in one place and allow them to gently unfold in the containment of our little hill, trees, and known places of play.

Our “activity” planned was to plant their wheat berries in their gourds.   And that we did, later in the day. To begin with however, we were at our Witch’s Brew spot and Fairy house spot. So they acclimated to time and space there while we set up circle.

Come circle time some were still filled with a lot of energy so there was playing games with their energetic flow until an easy rhythm finally found it self.
Due to the weather a particular story showed up called Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle. It was all about not wanting the Wind to Interfere with Gluscabi’s desires, him trying to get rid of it and then learning why we never want to do that.  Right as that last part came in to the story the wind blew harder. It made it’s point: we really DO need the wind to clean the air, blow in the rain clouds and refresh the waters when they get stagnant!!!!

The rest of the day, though we did not travel beyond our little hill, much  “traveling” right there did truly take place.  Jake played on the climbing tree and Isabella and Ruby were having a great deal of fun playing near him or with him. Kuba, Jesse and Archer with sometimes Jake, were VERY involved, from about 10 to noon or so trying to dig out a big old stump. They found tools from the ground/sticks that were good for digging, and all worked together digging around and around and around it.  They came running to us with great enthusiasm often and invited us to come and see what they were doing and how well they were doing.  It was quite impressive their entire process/journey with this.

Some where during that Kuba and I wound up finding throwing sticks, having a target, pretending he was a young boy living during a time when children had to hunt for their food. We found good sticks for throwing sticks and he threw the sticks at the target/rabbits, to bring home for the family for dinner.  Jake and Jesse joined in at times too and all played safely and cooperatively with such fun.

The girls were near Michelle and working with the gourds and the like a lot with Michelle.  She and I switched places often as we went from area to area being with the children and their adventures.

The Witch’s brew pot offered a great deal of fun too.  Edie loved “swimming” in it, so to speak, Archer liked splashing in it, Ruby joined in and so did Isabella. By the end of the day there was a changing party that took place.  Those who had finished changing were given chalk and they all colored on the pavement pictures upon pictures of their day and their inner world.

One by one, after lunch they came over to plant their seeds with soil that they needed to put into their little gourds too.  And then, they got to figure out and manipulate the spray bottle. It was not as easy as you might think!

Before we left some said” We didn’t go on an adventure” with some sadness in their voices.  I shared all the adventures we took during the day that just didn’t  come about with our feet moving far.  New Concepts to entertain 🙂

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