Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 48

March 22, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

This day flowed so smoothly with a graceful flow of ease and joy.
Today we felt that it would be good to sing our songs, eat our snack and then take off for an adventure making our circle very small and far less ceremonious.  The Weather was cool yet no rain came and we were able to explore with far greater ease.

We were looking for signs of Spring by way of new shoots above us on trees and below us on the ground, possibly seeing birds carrying twigs and such in their beaks to places where they might be making nests and looking for Otters!.  As we set out towards the Sun in a Westwardly direction, towards Bon Tempe waters, we found a squished animal on the ground.  At first, it looked like a lizard. After careful observation we discovered that it was one of our beloved friends, Ca. Newt!!  We got to see what happens to its bright orange after it’s demise and other observations.

As we were exploring a car came by. We moved to the side. It drove a bit past and then stopped. Out came a tall white-haired man with shorts on and a great big smile. He came to see what we were looking at!  He was very, very friendly and loved, loved seeing the children out on the land and so happy. He then ran to his car and came out with something he thought was ‘Just right’ for us; a card with a picture of a beautiful bird.  He proceeded to bring out cards of different animals that HE had taken photos of from our local area.  He had so many and the children were just delighted with these photos he was giving to us.  He then shared that he had a wonderful book of all these photos and, I bought it from him.  It was a very fine interaction. I was quite delighted that the children were apart of a Grandfatherly man who shared great kindness and generosity.   When our conversations with him found it’s end we then said Goodbye, thank you and made our way to our old place with our special magical trough.  There they played and went right back to the many games that they play there.   After a time we carried on looking for the things I mentioned and more.

As we walked the children found LOT’S of puddles and such and, we let go and let them GO FOR IT!! which they did with utter delight. We walked, we explored, we discovered, we remembered, they got wet and then, they landed right on the long Tree log bench overlooking the lake. There we all sat admiring the view and the different ducks we were seeing.  It was a bit windy there though so, I turned around and saw that someone had made the beginnings of a shelter.  Off we went to check it out.

They climbed on this, explored this. And then we found lot’s Witches Butter :

Witch's butter | Shrooms | PinterestCanada 2011Common Split Gill | Central Ohio Nature



Although some have claimed the fungus to be inedible[11] or merely “non-poisonous”,[10] most other sources agree that it is edible[14][15] but flavourless.[16][17] The gelatinous to rubbery consistency lends texture to soups.[18] In China, the fungus is used by vegetarians to prepare “an immunomodulating cooling soup with lotus seed, lily bulbs, jujube, etc.”[19]

They were enthralled with this jelly mushroom. They then found lot’s of Turkey tail mushrooms as well.  Vita started to get cold and, how did I know that?  She wasn’t moving, at all!  Her back was crouched over and she was simply not moving like a child frozen in space!  The other children were so playing. We let them play for a few more minutes and then began our journey back for a changing party and then eating.   As we walked Vita got warmer and then went right back into the puddles!!

When we got back we lined all their belongings up in the bus, as it was a bit cool outside, and they all got undressed and then dressed again.  Bags of wet clothes, dry clothes on and ready to go eat.

We took our big tarp, went to our sunny hill past the dark Redwood Forest, laid our food out and BASKED, in the warm sunlight that showed up. Yes, it got very warm and luxurious.  We ate and then they went to the “climbing tree” with absolute joy.  During lunch, we sat very quietly for a while as we listened to the birds above us.

When it was time to go, we packed up, made our way to the bus, had a beautiful bunch of goodbyes and then games in the bus on the way home.

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