Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 46

March 14, 2019
Waxing Half Moon
Lake Lagunitas

This day was sunny, warm and delightful. All week it has been RAIN CLOTHES FREE!!  A new experience 🙂 !!

We continued with our story of Sean O’Hoolohan and Mrs. O’Malley.  Today however, WE actually made butter. This started in the bus. But first, their “bus passes” today were picture cards of plants. After that, and as we were driving, I was beginning the process of using our Butter Churn to go up and down and up and down and up and down to make butter!  They saw the color it was, white,  as it got poured in. They felt what it was like to pump the churn. When we got there they all helped make the butter, feel what it was like as it got harder and harder to move that wooden churn and then eat a bit of the whipping cream. Some liked it but others did not as they are used to whipping cream being very sweet.

At circle Ruby kept working on the butter. She decided that she could do this EVERY DAY!!  The cream part lasted a long time and I thought maybe, we just would not be successful but, WE WERE!! and, just like in the story, we got to eat fresh baked bread and fresh made “golden” butter.  It was a hit!!

The children enjoyed their natural places that they usually play there and then, after circle, Josie and Theo cleaned up the snack area so very well, Ellie, during circle, was a grand Weather watcher, and then, we made our way to find the turtles!

Up the big hill we went.  The water was pouring down the spill way. Ellie had remembered the time that we walked across a part at the top but she didn’t think we could do it now. We checked it out and, she was right!  the waters were pouring over and we would not be able to do such crossing.

On the way up this big hill all the children held sticks in a horizontal fashion and helped each other up the hill.  We then, after checking out the top of the spill way, as mentioned, we went down the path and then walked very, very quietly to make sure we did not disturbe the turtles.  They did rather well with this. About half the turtles DID stay on their log.

During lunch we all sat in a row so that we could watch the turtles.  And, the boys set up the girls back packs and the girls set up the boys.  Then, after lunch the boys became IMMERSED!!! in building forts and such between two rocks.  They worked together for a very long time building.  And the girls were busy with Ruby and I building rock mounds, rock circles and Josie figured out, as she looked at the rock circle, how to actually make the labryinth that we went to and she has been to many times before.

This was a fine and beauty filled day.

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